FRIDAY saw first minister Mark Drakeford make a number of announcements about how lockdown in Wales would continue to ease over the next three weeks.

Among the announcements was pubs and restaurants can reopen indoors from next week, while gyms and swimming pools can finally reopen from August 10.

But apart from these announcements, what else did the First Minister address in his Friday briefing?

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Local lockdowns

Understandably after England lockdown of Greater Manchester and parts of east Lancashire and West Yorkshire late on Thursday evening, a lot of attention was paid to the possibility of local lockdowns in Wales – particularly in Wrexham.

Mr Drakeford said a national approach to rising infections would be a last resort.

“Action to contain any spread will always be taken at the most local level possible,” he added.

Commenting specifically on the lack of warning given in the English case on Thursday – announced on Twitter three hours before it came into force – the First Minister said these emergency situations can be difficult.

He said Wales was working to make sure they were able to give the maximum warning for any announcements, but if there was a "sudden and urgent need in Wales" they would act in that way as well.

Mr Drakeford added the Rowan Foods outbreak was now “well under control.”

“The evidence is things are stable, there are new cases each day, but the number of new cases are not going up,” he added.

There will be no closing of the border

When asked whether, especially in north Wales, we would see a return to the border with England being closed, Mr Drakeford dismissed the idea.

“Our border is very permeable,” he said, citing the large number of people living on either side of the border who work on the other.

"My focus is not on closing borders, but on making it safe," he added.

The First Minister said that the information was available so anyone coming from England can help keep Wales safe.

"We welcome people to Wales," he said. "If you come to Wales, please help us to keep Wales safe."

More powers to enforce regulations

Mr Drakeford praised businesses for their efforts in making their premises safe for customers to return, but said there was still “a small minority” who “think the advice is there for others and not for them.”

“We will take action to enforce the rules here in Wales,” he said. “Ignoring the guidance cannot be an option.

“We have legal powers which allow us and others to take action if some people’s behaviour becomes a threat to other people’s health.

“We will change the regulations to enhance local authorities’ environmental health protection powers. This will be used to ensure that premises are complying with the reopening requirements.”

As part of these powers, environmental health officers could enforce a prohibition notice or a suspended prohibition notice - for example giving them a certain amount of time to get up to standard or face closure.

Mr Drakeford said this will send "a powerful message" to those who are not complying.