A CAR being driven "in a dangerous manner" in a Cwmbran car park was one of four vehicles seized by police within 24 hours.

Three cares were seized from the Pill and city centre areas of Newport as Gwent Police cracked down on uninsured drivers.

The first vehicle to be seized on Friday was a Ford in the Pill area of Newport.

The driver was stopped by police on Alexandra Road, who discovered the car was uninsured.

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(The Ford was stopped on Alexandra Road.)

Then a red car was stopped on Church Road in Newport.

The car was not insured and the driver reportedly failed a roadside drug test for cannabis.

The vehicle was seized and the driver arrested.

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(The driver reportedly failed a roadside drugs wipe.)

Another car was also seized in Pill.

Police stopped the driver of a silver car on Commercial Road.

Once again, the vehicle was uninsured.

Police said he was reported for offences and has also been slapped with a £300 fine and six points on his licence.

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(The driver was slapped with a £300 fine.)

And on Friday night, a car was seized after being driven in an "anti-social manner" in a Cwmbran car park.

Pictures show the car being towed away.

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(The car was towed away.)