FIREFIGHTERS and police have worked together to tackle the cause of a number of deliberate fires in Monmouthshire.

Following a series of deliberate rubbish fires at a site near Barecroft Common in Magor successful partnership working has effectively resolved the issue.

Firefighters from Maindee and Caldicot have been working closely with the Service’s Fire Crime Team, Gwent Police’s Rural Policing Team and Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

A multi-agency site visit took place with the landowner and following consultation the burning of waste materials has ceased and the site has now been cleared.

Local fire station commander Gareth Evans, said: “The effective partnership working demonstrated here alongside our partners has reduced the risk to the local community and the environment.

"The before and after images of the site clearly illustrate the positive outcome achieved.


"Deliberately setting waste alight is extremely dangerous and there is a cost to us all, a drain on emergency services resources, environmental damage, loss of wildlife and risk to property and life.

"I would like to remind residents that they do have a legal obligation to take all reasonable measures to ensure that their waste is disposed of properly.

"We recommend to always using registered waste carrier and to check for a permit, license or exemption.”

Free Press Series:

What may have been intended to be just a small fire, can quickly spread to become out of control, the fire service warned.

Last year, there were nearly 4000 rubbish fires across Wales, with the main causes being household bin bags, fly tipped furniture and litter which are consequently being deliberately set alight.

Rubbish fires are extremely dangerous and can lead to a strain on resources, when there could be other emergencies where lives are in danger.

A fire service spokesman said: "If you choose to dump rubbish you could be fuelling the fire and choosing to contribute to a tragedy.

"Please take responsibility and ensure your waste is disposed of correctly.

"Always use a registered waste carrier."