A WOMAN from Monmouthshire is hoping to use her experience of losing almost a third of her body weight to support others slim down.

Alice Tyler, 29, lost five stone in around 18 months, and after maintaining that for another four years - even losing a further stone - she has decided to help others follow in her footsteps by setting up her own Slimming World group.

"The reason I joined as a consultant is that I wanted to be able to give the service that I received myself," she said. "I couldn't have lost the six stone without the help of my consultant or Slimming World."


Miss Tyler joined Slimming World in January 2014, weighing 19st 2lbs. But after just 18 months, she had lost five stone.

She remembered the support she was given when she attended her first weigh-in session.

"I had no words," she said. "My consultant could see I was distraught and comforted me saying 'Don’t worry you won’t ever see those numbers again.'

"The hurdles kept coming. I attended six weddings and seven hen parties that year, but I followed food optimising when I could and by December 15 [2014], I had reached my first target of 4st 3lb.

"I then decided that I wanted to lose even more and reset my target to a five stone weight loss and managed to achieve that seven months later.

"I was overwhelmed by the encouragement and support everyone gave me."

Miss Tyler moved to Cardiff in May 2016, where she said attending a group "took a back seat", and she returned to Abergavenny Slimming World after moving back to Monmouthshire in September 2018, weighing 15st 1.5lb.

And during lockdown, she hit her new target of 13 stone.

"I took time out, went for a walk and calmly pledged to myself that I would not let lockdown ruin my weight loss journey, I was the closest I had ever been to my new target," she said. "On May 25 I finally hit my target. I celebrated with family and wore clothes I only ever dreamt would fit me.

"Consistency, dedication and commitment has got me to where I want to be.

"All I can think is imagine if I hadn’t walked through that door in 2014, where would I have been now?

"Now that I am feeling great, I want to support and help others to achieve their dream weight loss goals. Therefore I have taken the next step on my journey in becoming a Slimming World consultant."

Miss Tyler's group will be held at Dingestow Village Hall every Wednesday afternoon and evening from October 21.