A DRIVER was shocked be charged with speeding at 856mph on the M4.

Father-of-two Simon Cooper, 52, was driving to Newport to drop off a leased Audi A4 when he was flashed by a speed camera.

Mr Cooper, who worked for a vehicle delivery firm at the time, was stunned to get a speeding notice at 856mph in the 70mph limit on the M4 in South Gloucestershire.

He plans to fight it with a not guilty plea in court - although police have now said it should have read 85mph.


Mr Cooper, of Bridgend, had picked up the silver Audi from the customer’s house in Chepstow, and then drove to Bristol to drop a colleague off who was collecting another vehicle.

He was allegedly caught while driving the car back to a depot in Newport.

Mr Cooper said: “I just thought it was a joke. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it said 856mph.

“I don’t think they’ve made an Audi that drives that fast yet.”

He was allegedly flashed by a camera between Junction 20 and Junction 19 eastbound.

Mr Cooper insisted: “I don’t remember being flashed. It was so long ago. I’m going to plead not guilty.”

He has also been charged with failing to give information relating to the identification of a driver.

Mr Cooper no longer works for the delivery firm and now runs his own business.

An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman said: “We’d like to reassure the motorist issued with this notice that the speed recorded by the camera has been written down incorrectly.

“When he appears in court he will have to answer a charge of driving at 85mph, as well as failing to give information relating to the identification of a driver.”