PROPOSALS have been launched for a new factory in Cwmbran, which developers say will keep around 170 skilled jobs in the town.

Crane Process Flow Technologies (Crane), which manufactures parts involved in chemical, mining and water treatment, has been based off of Grange Road since 1934, but with its current site ageing, the company decided the factory was no longer appropriate for modern manufacturing.

Following a search for a new site, and with support from the Welsh Government and Torfaen County Borough Council, Crane’s preferred option is to remain part of the community in Cwmbran by relocating to a new facility in the town.


Developers Cedar have put forward proposals to redevelop the vacant and brownfield land on the corner of Grange Road and Llanfrechfa Way with a new manufacturing facility, offices, and car parking.

The new factory, located just south of Crane’s existing facility, would feature 100,000 sq ft of manufacturing floorspace and 13,000 sq ft of new office space, parking for 176 cars with provision for electric vehicles and bicycle storage to encourage sustainable transport.

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A top-down plan for the site, just south of the current Crane Process Flow Technologies factory. Picture: Arctech Partnership LLP.

The developers said the proposals include a "high-quality design in keeping with Cwmbran’s industrial heritage, whilst providing a world class working environment and incorporating energy efficient initiatives," as well as "new soft landscaping features to enhance the site’s appearance."

Rodrigo De Moraes, vice president/general manager Saunders, on behalf of Crane said: “The company would prefer to stay and invest in Cwmbran. This has been our home since 1934 and we want to remain an important part of the local community.

“These plans will not only deliver the world-class manufacturing facility we need to keep our operations in Cwmbran, but they will also safeguard approximately 170 skilled local jobs at our current factory, plus many more in our regional supply chain.”

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The elevation plans for the proposed Crane Process Flow Technologies factory in Cwmbran. Picture: Arctech Partnership LLP.

Cedar is keen to hear what local residents think of the draft plans before it submits a planning application to Torfaen County Borough Council. Residents are therefore encouraged to view Cedar’s initial proposals for the site, including all relevant draft planning documents, at:

Residents can also contact Cedar’s project team on its freephone information line number – 0800 298 7040 – if they have any questions about the initial proposals.

The deadline for comments on the draft plans in midnight on Sunday, December 20. Residents and stakeholders who would like to submit comments on the initial proposals can do so by emailing:; leaving comments on the website above, or writing to Cedar Cwmbran Ltd, c/o BECG, The Pump House, Garnier Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9QG.