THESE are the areas across Gwent which have seen the highest number of crimes reported in one month.

The latest figures from Data.Police.UK has revealed that Cardiff Road and Commercial Road, in Newport, were the top hotspots for crime in September.

The data shows out of the 5,425 crimes recorded by Gwent Police, the most reported type of crime was anti-social behaviour with 1,862 incidents.

Crime classified as 'violence and sexual offences' was the second most reported with 1,671 incidents and there were a total of 737 public order offences recorded.

The latest figures show data from September 2020.

The Argus has analysed this data and identified the areas across Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport and Torfaen that have seen the highest number of crime.

Here are the top three areas in each county with the most crime reported between September 1 to September 30.

The data provided is the approximate location of a crime, not the exact place that it occurred due to location anonymisation.

Blaenau Gwent

1. King Street, Cwm

More crimes were reported on King Street than any other road in Blaenau Gwent in September.

Of the 12 crimes reported in the street, there were three public order offences and three crimes classed as violence and sexual offences.

The remaining six crimes involved shoplifting, anti-social behaviour, theft and vehicle crime.

2. Barley Field Road, Brynmawr

Nine crimes were recorded by Gwent Police in Barley Field Road in September.

The most prevalent crimes in that period were anti-social behaviour and shoplifting, with three incidents of each being reported.

Other crimes involved public order offences, drug offences and theft.

3. Aubrey Terrace, Cwm

Anti-social behaviour proved to be a problem in Aubrey Terrace.

Three quarters of the incidents reported during September involved anti-social behaviour, representing six of the eight crimes.

There were also two burglaries in the road during that period.


1. High Street, Abertridwr

There were seven cases of anti-social behaviour reported to Gwent Police in High Street in September.

That made up almost half of the 16 crimes recorded in the road in total.

There were also five crimes classed as violence and sexual offences, as well as reports of criminal damage and arson, theft, public order and vehicle crime.

2. Cardiff Road, Caerphilly

Fifteen crimes were recorded in Cardiff Road in September.

Seven of those were classed as violence and sexual offences, while six were classed as anti-social behaviour.

There were also reports of shoplifting and other crime.

3. Barkley Street, Abertysswg

The three main areas of crime in Barkley Street were violence and sexual offences (six), public order offences (four), and anti-social behaviour (three).

Those incidents made up 13 of the 14 crimes reported in the road during in September.

The other incidents was classed as 'other crime'.


1. Monnow Street, Monmouth

Monnow Street was the street in Monmouthshire with the most crimes reported in September.

Eight incidents were reported during that period, with half of those being shoplifting incidents.

There were also two public order offences, as well as anti-social behaviour and an incident of 'other crime'.

2. Follow View Close, Goytre

There were six crimes recorded in Folly View Close, of which three were classed as violence and sexual offences.

Gwent Police also recorded two incidents of anti-social behaviour in the road, while there was one public order offence recorded.

3. Somerset Way, Chepstow

Six crimes were also recorded in Somerset Way in September.

Again, violence and sexual offences represented half of the incidents reported to Gwent Police in the time period.

The other three incidents were a burglary, a theft, and an incident involving a drugs offence.



1. Cardiff Road, Newport

More crime was recorded in Cardiff Road during September than any other area of Gwent.

There were 25 incidents on the street during the period, of which seven were classed as violence and sexual offences.

There were also six incidents of anti-social behaviour and four public order offences reported.

Other incidents included drug offences (three), theft (two), theft from person (one), possession of weapons (one), and shoplifting (one).

2. Commercial Road, Newport

Seven of the 17 crimes recorded on Commercial Road during September were classed as violence and sexual offences.

While there were three incidents of anti-social behaviour, and two public order offences.

Gwent Police also recorded incidents of robbery, burglary, shoplifting, vehicle crime, and 'other crime'.

3. Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport

There were 14 incidents of crime at the hospital during September.

Five were classed as violence and sexual offences, while there were three reports of theft.

Other incidents included anti-social behaviour (two), criminal damage (one), shoplifting (one), drug offences (one), and public order offences (one).


1. Glenside, Cwmbran

Glenside saw more crimes reported than anywhere else in Torfaen.

Of the ten crimes recorded, eight were classed as violence and sexual offences.

The other two incidents were public order offences.

2. Cae Derwen, Cwmbran

Public order offences made up more than half of the crimes recorded in Cae Derwen.

Five of the nine incidents were public order related, while two involved anti-social behaviour.

There was also a robbery reported, and an incident of violence and sexual offence.

3. Trelech Close, Cwmbran

Seven crimes were recorded in Trelech Close during September.

Three of those were public order offences, while two were classed as violence and sexual offences.

There were also two incidents of anti-social behaviour reported to Gwent Police.