AN AUTHOR from Chepstow who survived a brain tumour which had been growing inside him for more than 20 years has explained how he has fought back with a seriously popular anti-Donald Trump book.

Adam Nicke, aged 53, has managed to reach number one in the list of best anti-Trump books on Goodreads for his satirical take on the president’s time in office in Mallard the Quack.

He says he is “proud” and “quite astonished” to have surpassed texts like Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House and Power in the Age of Lies since he released Mallard the Quack in July.


In September 2015 a friend found him collapsed on his kitchen floor after he suffered a seizure. He was rushed to hospital where he would have an urgent operation on a six-centimetre brain tumour.

“Before the operation I was told there was a chance I was not going to make it,” he recalled.

He said after 20 years of struggling for motivation, his operation on the meningioma tumour which had grown for more than 20 years behind his right eye – gave him a new lease of life.

“I love writing and I’ve been jotting down my musings for years, but it was only after my operation it dawned on me while watching Trump on the news that it was a great idea for a new story,” he said.

“I’m delighted with how it’s gone so far. It’s clear there is enthusiasm for it.”

Rediscovering his love for writing, Mr Nicke – who is mostly associated with dark romanticism and gothic literature – has since published three books, with the latest being by far his most successful.

Mallard the Quack centres around three conmen posing as men of science in their quest for cash at any cost - hampered by their ignorance and ill-conceived plans.

He now has more than 80,000 followers on his social media platforms, and says he has proved to himself and others that brain damage “doesn’t have to be the end of your life”.

Mr Nicke’s feat is even more impressive considering his operation left him unable to sleep properly for the last five years and with attention deficit disorder.

He added: “It’s quite astonishing really. I think the brain tumour helped me to write this book in a way, because it makes me less tolerant of idiots and less embarrassed to say how I feel.

“Mine was a right frontal meningioma and damage to that area can cause disinhibition. That means I can be very forthright with my opinions.

“And that’s what the book is about – taking the mickey out of men who are controlling and power hungry in my own way. I’m really proud people like it.”

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