THE Welsh Government will be sharing further guidance with health boards across Wales after confusion over how secret the sites of vaccination centres should be.

When new plans for vaccination centres were revealed last week, the government released a map of Wales with signs depicting the general area of each vaccination site.

But they said they would not be revealing the exact locations of each vaccination centre for national security reasons.

But health boards across Wales have said they were not told how seriously to take the guidance, and the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board in Gwent has not instructed any staff members to not reveal the exact sites if they are asked, and letters inviting people to have their vaccinations also state where they need to go.


It comes after numerous leading figures in Gwent – including Monmouth MP David Davies – revealed locations of sites on their social media pages.

Mr Davies filmed himself at the Youth Centre at the Old Hereford Road in Abergavenny over the weekend informing residents of the goings-on at the vaccination centre there.

“The RAF have got personnel down here directing cars in, and are doing a brilliant job,” he said. “We’re expecting GPs across Gwent to have access to the Oxford vaccine from Wednesday onwards, and will be putting that vaccine out after that.

“It’s great to see the NHS and the armed forces working well together to ensure as many people are vaccinated as quickly as possible.”

A spokeswoman for the Welsh Government said: “We continue to keep the security situation under constant review and will be providing health boards with further guidance about the level of detail they can publish on vaccination centres, if they wish.”

In the seven days up to January 18 25,877 people were vaccinated across Gwent – nearly 8,000 of them were aged 80 or over. The health board plans to vaccinate at least another 24,000 people this week.