PROPOSALS which could see council tax increase by 4.95 per cent in Monmouthshire have been launched by the county council.

The planned increase will go towards meeting a £10.1 million budget gap for the next financial year.

Proposals also include £3.7 million of savings and a one-off contribution from reserves of £749,000.

The council’s overall budget sits at about £170 million.


The proposed council tax increase would see bills for a band D property increase by £68.35 a year, or £1.31 a week.

At a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, council leader Cllr Peter Fox welcomed a 3.9 per cent increase in funding from the Welsh Government in its provisional settlement, but he said the authority still receives the least funding per person in Wales.

“It was slightly refreshing for the first time in many, many years to see us receive around the average settlement which is a far better position than last year,” he said.

But Cllr Fox added that “a high percentage of not a lot is still not a lot”.

“Monmouthshire still stays rooted as the lowest funded authority in Wales,” he added.

Savings include the previously announced closure of Mounton House special school, which will free up £1.2 million in the budget.

Changes to waste and recycling, including an increase in charge for green garden waste collections, the introduction of reusable recycling bags and reduction of landfill has saved a further £685,000.

A contribution of £749,000 is also required from reserves to meet the budget gap, which Cllr Fox said is “a big hit” when levels are “as small as ours are getting”.

Cllr Bob Greenland, deputy leader, said the authority has to call on council tax payers “much more than we would like” to support essential services.

“It is with a heavy heart that we have to again, particularly this year when we know people are struggling so much, come forward with a 4.95 per cent increase in council tax,” he said.

The main pressures relate to increased demands in supporting looked after children, vulnerable adults and children with additional learning needs.

Residents are invited to register for a budget livestream that will take place at 6pm on Wednesday, January 27.

The budget consultation is open until February 17, with details at