A 14-YEAR-old Monmouth 'hedgehog champion' will be marking Hedgehog Awareness Week with a special online event on Sunday.

Dylan Allman is the Hedgehog Champion for Monmouth and will be running a live streaming event from his garden on May 2 from 6.30pm.

The Monmouth School for Boys' pupil will be giving a tour of his garden, discussing how to make gardens hedgehog friendly, and showing the wildlife cameras he's using.

The Year 9 pupil will be joined at the virtual event by Grace Johnson, the Hedgehog Officer at Hedgehog Street, for a live question-and-answer session, so it promises to be a fabulous event.

Last year, he won a top prize in the University of South Wales' Film & TV School Wales Schools and Colleges Awards.


His entry was a 10-minute documentary on The Wonderful World of Hedgehogs.

As a result, the teenager won the Best Documentary Film (11-15) category in the University of South Wales' virtual awards celebration.

At the time, he said: "In May, I discovered I had hedgehogs in my garden.

"I set up two night vision cameras and I spent quite a while working on the film - recording, editing and putting it all together.

"I discovered lots of interesting things about hedgehogs and I went online and got involved in a number of organisations, too, and interviewed some lovely people for my film."

He added: "Sadly, a lot of hedgehogs in the UK are injured accidentally by gardeners using lawnmowers and strimmers.

"I am hoping to get involved with hedgehog organisations and tool manufacturers to warn people to be more hedgehog aware and to make them check long grass or hedgerows before using gardening equipment."

All those interested in attending Dylan's virtual event this Sunday, can visit his hedgehogaware channel on YouTube.