MONMOUTHSHIRE County Council has said that there has been "significant" positive feedback in relation to the ongoing closure of Chepstow high street.

Trial measures, such as closing the high street at both the town gate - colloquially known as the arch - and at the bottom of the high street near Beaufort Square, have been in place for some time.

At present, the road is off limits to all but a small number of motorists.

The council have said that feedback has been mixed - with one commenter branding it 'an accident waiting to happen', but that there has been a significant proportion of positive messages about the changes.


Another talking point has been the changing of the pedestrian crossing at the bottom of the high street.

The work came in for criticism from some residents at the time.

However, Monmouthshire County Council have said that they welcome all input and that suggestions are being considered and taken on board.

A Monmouthshire County Council spokesperson said: “The council has implemented a number of trial measures to ensure shoppers can safely visit businesses and amenities in Chepstow Town during the pandemic.

"We understand this has generated a number of different views among residents and the council continues to review the impact of the revised public highway layout. "While we understand there are concerns among some, we also recognise the significant volume of positive feedback of the benefits of creating an improved pedestrian environment. "As we continue to receive feedback, the council will consider whether the closure should be for limited hours and whether an automated bollard system would add benefits to the scheme.

"We thank residents for their patience and we grateful for their feedback."