THIS weekend is set to be unseasonably warm in Gwent before the temperature begins to dip as the week goes on, according to the Met Office.

Highs of 18 degrees are expected but there is a chance of rain early on Saturday evening.

It is not anticipated to drop below 12 degrees on Saturday.

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The temperature will begin to dip on Sunday evening with lows of eight degrees expected.

Weather is expected to be mostly cloudy on Saturday, with the sun breaking through for most of Sunday.

Despite the cloudiness, there is little chance of rain in most parts of Gwent until the evening.

Wind speeds are expected to be fairly low on Saturday, before picking up slightly on Sunday.

Humidity levels will begin each day at high levels but will drop as each day goes on, picking up again slightly in the evenings.

Sunday will be less humid than Saturday.

Met Office UK forecast summary

If you were planning on travelling outside of Gwent this weekend, the Met Office has given a summary on the weather forecast for all of the UK.

Overall in the UK, the Met Office forecast has said this on Saturday: "Fog lifting over south and central England to leave warm sunshine.

"Cloudier elsewhere with rain in far northwest moving across Scotland and into north England whilst easing.

For Sunday through to Tuesday, they have said: "Mainly dry Sunday after patchy drizzle clears the south, some blustery showers across the north.

"Rain for the northwest Monday but dry for most into the start of next week."