PLANS to make further improvements at a park in Torfaen have been handed a boost after a community asset transfer was agreed.

Torfaen council’s cabinet has approved a community asset transfer of Fishpond Park in Panteg to the charity, Friends of the Fishpond Park Panteg.

The move will see the community group take over more responsibilities for the park and could pave the way for it to apply for funding to make improvements.

Set up in 2015, the group of volunteers have made a number of improvements to the park such as refurbishing the tennis courts by local fundraising.

But it now wants to apply for grant funding to complete a refurbishment of the pavilion building, resurface the footpaths in the park and provide better toilet facilities, which it will be able to do following the community asset transfer.

Cllr Kelly Preston, executive member for resources, paid tribute to the group’s work at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

“I am really supportive of this proposal and I look forward to seeing the park continue to flourish,” she said.

Council leader, Cllr Anthony Hunt, also gave his support, saying the group had helped transform the park since being set up in 2015.

“The group’s hard work has really had a huge benefit both for the park, and for bringing the community around the park together,” he said.

Under the 25-year legal agreement, Friends of the Fishpond Park Panteg will take on responsibilities including opening and closing park gates and facilities, cleaning the grounds, maintenance of flower beds and the fishpond, maintenance of the pavilion building and of the tennis courts.

The group will also be responsible for public liability insurance, health and safety compliance and paying for utilities.

Torfaen council will keep some responsibilities, such as maintaining the car park, maintenance of grassed areas and trees, emptying of rubbish bins and insuring the pavilion building.

A bowling club, which is already leased, will not form part of the proposed community asset transfer.

A council report adds that the 3.5-acre park will remain a public facility accessible to all members of the public.

The rent under the agreement will be a nominal sum of £1 per year.