USK is officially one of the best places to live in Wales.

That’s according to the Sunday Times, which named its top six places to live in Wales this week.

Last year, the Monmouthshire town took all the spoils as it was crowned the best place to live in Wales. And whilst in 2022 that honour has gone to the Llandeilo in Carmarthenshire, Usk still gets a spot on the list.

The Argus visited the town on Friday afternoon, April 8, to find out what all the fuss was about.

On the approach to the town, it’s hard not to get side-tracked by the rolling, pastoral countryside that surrounds it. Agriculture is a huge part of the Usk’s identity – there’s even a museum in the town dedicated to its farming history.

Free Press Series: Quaint little streets are a feature of Usk.Quaint little streets are a feature of Usk.

It’s quaint, calm, and compact – you get the sense as you wander its narrow streets that you’re almost disturbing the peacefulness.

A beautiful Norman castle also watches over the town.

Heading onto Bridge Street and there’s plenty of independent shops ranging from antique specialists to art galleries and restaurants that could keep you busy for hours.

Free Press Series: A beautiful river walk along the Usk.A beautiful river walk along the Usk.

What’s more, pubs seem to be hiding around every corner you turn in Usk.

Maria Stephens, an estate agent at Archer&Co from Usk, said it was the sense of community that makes the town so desirable.

“It’s a lovely place to live,” she told the Argus.

“People look after each other here. Just the other day I was walking through the town and you could see people out picking other peoples bins up that had been blown over in the wind.

Free Press Series: Estate agent Maria Stephens sees plenty of people moving to Usk from further afield. Estate agent Maria Stephens sees plenty of people moving to Usk from further afield.

“We get so many people moving here that are from outside the area – just last week were helping a family that were moving from Bristol to Usk.

“I think the draw is that there’s lots going on here for people to get involved in, too. There’s Usk in Bloom and we have the markets which are always really busy.

“And I think the fact that it’s still got that agricultural, farming town, feel is another pull for people because they’re so close to such beautiful countryside.”