THE speed limit on a main road in Severnside could be slashed further if new proposals go ahead.

Monmouthshire County Council has put forward plans to make new changes to the speed limits on the B4245 between Magor and Portskewett.

The villages along the road have been part of a trial scheme for the Welsh Government's 20mph speed scheme.

Earlier this month, the Senedd voted to bring in a new law that will cut speed limits from 30mph to 20mph on most residential roads across Wales from next September.

The government claims the lower speeds will improve road safety, but not everybody was happy with the change during the trial periods in Monmouthshire, including some in Caldicot who said a 20mph limit on the town's bypass was counter-productive.

The biggest change proposed by the county council is to cut the 60mph section between Undy and Rogiet to 40mph.

Other sections will stay the same if the proposals go ahead. The road between Magor and Undy will remain at 20mph and the road between Rogiet and Caldicot will remain at 40mph.

In Rogiet, the B4245 will remain at 20mph.

Within Caldicot, the council proposes retaining the 20mph limit from Longfellow Road to Woodstock Way, and then increasing the speed to 30mph from Woodstock Way to the Mitel roundabout.

This 30mph section will include a part-time 20mph limit during school start and finish times.

From the Mitel roundabout to the entrance to Portskewett, the council is proposing reverting the speed to the old 30mph limit.

Monmouthshire County Council said the proposals "seek to address some of the community concerns raised while balancing this with the benefits of reducing speed limits".

The proposed changes will be subject to a statutory consultation process for 28 days during August and the responses will then be reported to the council for a decision in the autumn.