THE partner of an alleged assault victim has made a desperate appeal for more support after her family was forced to flee their home for a safer environment.

Emma Fox told the Argus she feels “failed on so many levels” following a recent incident, from which her partner Lee Morris required hospital treatment.

She said the alleged assault on Mr Morris came after “13 months” of “threats”, anti-social behaviour and “no end of vehicle damage”.

Since then, the couple and Ms Fox’s teenage daughter – who requires “high-level” care – have been removed from their home for safety reasons, and placed in temporary accommodation elsewhere in Gwent.

But the property has no cooking or washing facilities, and since being relocated by her housing association, Bron Afon, Ms Fox said she’s received next to no support.

“They’ve not been in touch to see how we are,” she said. “I understand we’ve got to go somewhere safe but I think they’re just chucking us where it’s cheap.”

The housing association has vowed to move the family to new, longer-term accommodation, but an initial offer of an Airbnb has been downgraded to an unfurnished flat with no equipment for cooking or washing, Ms Fox said.

She and her daughter had to hurriedly leave their home with just one week’s worth of clothes, and there is no sign of a return to normality.

“They said they’d help me take things from my own property, but it’s not safe [to go back there],” she added.

Ms Fox also said contact from the police had dried up since the incident, leaving her with “so many unanswered questions” about the investigation, her partner’s alleged attackers, and the future for her and her family.

She said she was “trying to keep things as normal as I can” after the reported assault, but after countless unanswered requests for help, she feels “isolated from everybody” and “close to a breakdown”.

“I feel like we’re the ones in the wrong,” Ms Fox added.

The Argus contacted Bron Afon to comment on Ms Fox's situation.

In response, Mark Doubler, the housing association's head of community and customer services, said: “We are working closely with Ms Fox and are offering her support, accommodation and advice.

"As this is an ongoing police investigation it is not appropriate for us to comment further.”