A DOMESTIC abuser has been jailed for two separate attacks on his then-partner.

Justin Brown, 37, had been in a relationship with the complainant and the pair had gone out in Bristol city centre to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

“That night they were in the pub, and the complainant found herself dancing with others,” prosecutor Paul Hewitt said.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Brown had become jealous and screamed at the complainant, until he was kicked out by security. The complainant followed him out, and called a taxi.

“She told police officers that the defendant grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out” of the taxi, said Mr Hewitt.

“A couple witnessed her being dragged by the arm with him saying ‘She’s coming home’.”

The court heard how a crowd of people had gathered to confront Brown over his actions.

Mr Hewitt told the court there had been a number of occasions where the police had been called during their relationship – which he described as “not always harmonious” – but no charges had been pressed.

Free Press Series: Domestic abuser Justin Brown has been jailed. Picture: Gwent Police.Domestic abuser Justin Brown has been jailed. Picture: Gwent Police.

In mid-January this year, the complainant was wrapping presents ready for the birthday of one of Brown’s daughters, when she told Brown she had lost her e-cigarette.

“The defendant started screaming at her and calling her entitled,” said Mr Hewitt.

“He pinned her up against the wall. He strangled her, squeezing her throat.

“She fell to the floor and he stamped on her five or six times.”

Brown’s daughter had to intervene, shouting and swearing at her dad, and locking herself away with the complainant.

When she complainant told him she wanted a night apart following the incident, Brown texted back refusing, adding “I don’t trust you”.

“She sent photos of her bruised leg, saying ‘It’s bad and it bloody hurts’. He replied ‘Don’t know my own strength’.”

When interviewed by the police, Brown told officers the complainant sustained the injuries after fainting due to a medical condition, and falling down the stairs.

He was charged on January 18 and was taken into custody. During this time, the court heard, Brown sent a letter to his ex-wife, but addressed it to where the complainant lived.

Mr Hewitt said, from the content of the letter, “it was clear” he was trying to coerce the complainant into dropping the charges.

Brown, of West End in Magor, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and assault by beating on the day of trial.

He has two previous convictions for three offences – two charges of harassment and one of common assault, all against an ex-partner dating back to 2014.

Thomas Roberts, defending, said Brown had made use of programmes within prison to address his behaviour and its root cause in order to change his ways.

“Mr Brown accepts that this relationship is over and seeks no contact with [the complainant] whatsoever,” he said.

Mr Roberts said Brown had “genuine sorrow and remorse and regret for behaving in this way”.

Recorder Simon Hughes said he didn’t accept that Brown’s remorse was genuine.

“He appears in the pre-sentence report – after pleading guilty – to attribute some of the blame onto the complainant,” he said.

“I don’t think there is a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.”

Brown pleaded not guilty to three further counts of assault occasioning ABH and one count of controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship. The prosecution offered no evidence for these charges.

Recorder Hughes sentenced Brown to 21 months in prison for the assault occasioning ABH offence, and two months, running concurrently, for assault by beating.

The complainant was granted a restraining order for 10 years, and Brown must also pay a £149 surcharge.