NEWS of plans for two drive-through restaurants, a petrol station and a warehouse at an industrial estate in Chepstow have been met with scepticism in the town.

Plans have been drawn up for a drive-through coffee shop, a drive-through restaurant, and a petrol station with a shop at the Newhouse Industrial Estate adjacent to the M48.

They are to be submitted by retail company EG Group following a pre-application consultation period.

There have also been plans drawn up for outline planning permission for a 9,000 sqm warehouse at the Newhouse site - also from EG Group.

Despite positivity over the potential jobs coming to the area, the idea of more fast food outlets has not gone down well overall with residents.

Rich Chandler said: "The jobs would be very welcome of course, but two drive-throughs?

"These would reduce trade at existing take-aways in Chepstow, Caldicot and elsewhere.

"Surely we want more trade in our town centres not less?"

Mr Chandler also highlighted the emphasis on car travel presented by drive-through restaurants, something he said was "counter to the efforts Monmouthshire County Council and the Welsh Government are making to encourage walking and cycling".

Loz Wainwright said: "As if the queues through Chepstow aren't bad enough.

"The council seem to approve anything, but seem to give no thought to infrastructure.

"Look at the new housing estate at Fairfield Maybe and the ever expanding Sedbury."

While Thomas Williams also highlighted the potential adverse effect on traffic.

"I think they should look into sorting the roads out as the roads can’t deal with the traffic now," he said.