THE PARENTS of two-year-old Grace Lear, who was left fighting for her life after an accident at a park in Pontypool, have said she has made a “miraculous recovery”.

Grace Lear was found in the fountain at Fishpond Park after disappearing while visiting the park with her family.

She was found by a member of the public, who, along with three men from the local bowling club, performed CPR while an ambulance was called.

Free Press Series: Grace Lear. Picture: Hannah Lear.Grace Lear. Picture: Hannah Lear.

Grace was initially taken to the University Hospital of Wales to be treated, but was then transferred to a specialist hospital in Leicester, where she received a heart and lung bypass.

She was brought back to Wales to continue her recovery in Cardiff, and now mum Hannah Lear has said she is now recovering well, and has even been able to go outside in the hospital’s playground.

“Since coming back down to Cardiff she's made a miraculous recovery,” she said.

“We're completely amazed by her, but so are all the doctors. We were told multiple times most children don't survive, or if they do they're left with severe brain damage and here she is well and truly living to tell the tale.

Free Press Series: Grace Lear. Picture: Hannah Lear.Grace Lear. Picture: Hannah Lear.

“Grace has been off the ventilator for 10 days and did so well coming off it – she didn't require any additional help with oxygen in the days after.

“She also had an MRI on her brain eight days ago. As parents we were incredibly worried about this, but I'm so relieved to say her scan was completely clear of damage.

“Grace is now only receiving a small bit of sedative, a strong anti-biotic and she's still currently being fed via a tube into her stomach.

“We're working on all the smaller things now like strength and mobility and this bit of her journey is the longest stretch.

“But she's doing so well, showing her cheeky character we have missed terribly and she's trying so hard with a lot of determination.

“She went outside [on Wednesday] in the hospital children's playground for a bit of fresh air, her first time since July 12.

“[On Thursday] morning she also took her first steps with the physio team since her accident happened.”

Ms Lear said it was Grace’s third birthday later this month, and that her family were cautiously hopeful that she could celebrate this at home.

“We're really hoping we get to celebrate this at home with all her family and friends around her, but we'll see,” she said.