A TEAM of ghost hunters say they have uncovered definitive proof that one of Gwent's most historic sites is haunted.

Blaenavon Ironworks has long been regarded as one of the most haunted sites in South Wales, as well as being a UNESCO  World Heritage Site. 

The Welsh Ghost Bros - brothers Matthew and Robbie Pyke along with Callum Samways - spent a day at the ironworks, and used a variety of equipment and techniques to attempt to communicate with some of the ghosts of people who have died there. 

According to the team, they made contact with a young boy, a soldier and a old man that worked there. They found a lot of evidence, including numerous electronic voice phenomenon (EVPs), knocks, scrapings, and bangs. 

But they say the most exciting moment was when the trio saw heavy items get thrown about, seemingly of their own accord - which they have taken as confirmation the Ironworks are haunted.

The team have been working together for four months, and have completed many other investigations of allegedly haunted buildings in that time. 

Lead investigator Matthew said: "I’ve been fascinated by the paranormal since I was a kid, and I’ve been investigating haunted locations for over a year.

"We captured some amazing evidence, such as voices, noises, and apparitions, that prove the existence of the paranormal at the ironworks.

"We decided to try the iron works to get the story out of those who have passed years before.

"We have captured multiple knocks, bangs, scraping. We have captured multiple EVPs, we had a talk with the workers of iron works and they have seen things get thrown and things have moved by itself."

The three of them have said that the Blaenavon Ironworks was "the most haunted place we've ever been to" since they began ghost hunting together in the summer. 

They hope to return to the ironworks for further investigations one day, and will be on the look out for other potential sites for paranormal investigations in South Wales in the meantime.