AN angry mum says her vulnerable and profoundly autistic son was dropped at the wrong house by his school transport escort and ended up wandering the street outside.

Worried Claire Faulkner claims she found her eight-year-old son Kian in the street after school and said he could easily have run into the road because he has no sense of danger.

The mother-of-three says she has had no apology from either the taxi firm or the council and added: "They should have had the courtesy to apologise and give me some reassurance, but they've shown no remorse."

Kian suffers from severe autism and is taken to and from Crownbridge special school in Sebastopol by Cwmbran firm A 2 B taxis on contract from Torfaen county borough council.

The minibus comes with an escort to make sure Kian is taken safely from the house to the bus because he needs constant supervision - but on Monday, February 22 Mrs Faulkner claims Kian was left at the wrong house.

Mrs Faulkner said: “I was in the house and heard the bus pull up outside but normally the escort brings Kian to the door so I didn’t rush out.

“As a few minutes passed I went out to help but saw the bus reverse up my street and disappear.

“I waited for it to come back, but it didn’t so I went back towards the house and found my son walking up the street on his own - he looked completely lost and confused.”

In the 10 minutes Kian was missing it is alleged he had been taken to the home of Mark Stubbs, several doors down. Mr Stubbs was upstairs in the bath while his daughter Jasmine, 7, played downstairs.

Mr Stubbs said: “I heard the door go, but didn’t think anything of it.

“Five minutes later I want downstairs to ask Jasmine who was at the door and she said it was a little boy.

“She seemed really shaken up and told me a woman had opened the door, let the boy inside and left.

“He then wandered around the house for five minutes before he opened the door and walked up the street.

“I reported it to the council and I’ve since spoken to Claire, they shouldn’t have left him without seeing an adult.”

Since the incident the council has provided Mrs Faulkner with taxis from a different firm while the matter is under investigation.

She added: “I’ve been given no reassurance it’s safe to put my son back on that bus.”

Taxi firm A 2 B did not want to comment but said they are currently in talks with the Local Education Authority over the matter.

A Torfaen council spokeswoman said: "An incident has been reported which is currently subject to investigation."

ends PANEL Autism is a disorder of neural development that can cause difficulty with social interaction and communication, repetitive behaviour, resistance to changes in routine and poor coordination.

To people with autism the world can seem a chaotic place with no clear boundaries, order or meaning.

Autism currently affects more than 580,000 people in the UK.