An innovative combination inspection camera and cable-pulling tool has won a Gwent company the sought-after Best New Product award at a ceremony hosted by Select, Scotland’s largest trade association.

The campaigning body for the electrotechnical sector in Scotland chose Super Rod, of Blaenavon, as winner in a category which highlights how the electrical industry is meeting the challenges of increasingly sophisticated and complex technology.

Super Rod, which has been designing and building cable rods since 2001, was acclaimed for its Ferret WiFi Cable Pulling Tool, which uses the latest electronics technology to stream high resolution video to a smart device in real time.

The camera has six adjustable, bright white LEDs on the front to provide crisp, clear 720p images, even in complete darkness.

Dave Forrester, head of technical services at Select, said: "Super Rod has nailed it with this one. It’s a very clever idea and a good design that will save time on site and also improve safety when pulling cables.

“The Ferret comes with a range of accessories, including a camera gooseneck to allow installers to point the camera in any direction, and a short rod for the front of the camera which can be paired with either a hook or strong magnet for cable or tool retrieval.

“It makes great use of technology to provide a simple but effective tool, making it easy to actually see where the cable is. Electricians will love it.”

Iain Mason, head of membership and communications at Select, said: "The electrotechnical industry is changing all the time and it is able to boast a remarkable number of companies who are determined to stay ahead of the pace of change.

“Super Rod comes from the Welsh Valleys, an area which has a culture of innovation dating back to the Industrial Revolution, and its products now sell in more than 20 countries worldwide.

“It has built its reputation by always aiming to exceed its customers’ expectations and its latest Ferret product makes it a worthy winner in this hotly-contested category.”