That's just about it from us after what has been both an emotional and moving day.

Look out for our reports on today's farewell in Monday's Daily Gazette and Echo. We'll also bring you a special report in Thursday's Braintree and Witham Times. 

Otherwise, it's goodbye and perhaps most importantly - RIP Keith Flint.

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Final thoughts on today

Our reporter George King, who has spent the day with Prodigy fans in Bocking, gives his take on this afternoon's events. 

"After more than three weeks since his tragic passing, Keith Flint was finally been laid to rest.

"A festival atmosphere that epitomised the man himself, dominated the streets of Braintree and Bocking for hours on end.

"Fans travelled from every corner of the world.

"Prodigy songs blared out from pub sound systems, and die-hards merrily danced without inhibition or worry as they caused some glorious chaos on a day that was as emotional as it was celebratory. 

"If anything then, it was the perfect way to have remembered Braintree's very own Keith Flint."


Road closures in place

Best keep an eye on this if you're heading out in Bocking this evening.


More photos from today

Free Press Series: Joe Giddens/PA WireJoe Giddens/PA Wire

Free Press Series: Joe Giddens/PA WireJoe Giddens/PA Wire

Free Press Series: Joe Giddens/PA WireJoe Giddens/PA Wire


Train cancellations

A warning for those fans who have travelled to Braintree today by train.


Private wake to be held

Guests are now moving onto a private wake which will be held at an undisclosed location. 

Fans have been asked to respect the privacy of Keith's friends and family following the conclusion of the funeral. 

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Funeral concludes

The cermony has come to an end and guests have started leaving the church. 

Fans once again cheered when the coffin was placed back in the hearse. 

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Rev'd Rod Reid's touching words

"Keith's life force is not lost and it's in each and everyone of you.

"Don't let that fire go out. Through you, Keith lives forever."

Free Press Series: Joe Giddens/PA WireJoe Giddens/PA Wire


"You always lit up the room"

Another Prodigy star, Maxim, paid this tribute during the eulogy.

He said: "You were a person who always lit up the room. You expressed yourself with music. You are engimatic and one of a kind.

"You lived for excitement and danger on and off stage. Performing with you is a feeling I will always cherish."


"Our bond is so strong"

Prodigy co-founder Liam Howlett's tribute: "Keith was always honest and not afraid of anything. 

"You were a man of the people and integrity and style. You liked to live life on a razor edge for the buzz.

"You were an anti star and a pirate and our bond is so strong and unbreakable you will never leave my heart my loyal friend to the end. Goodnight dear brother, fly high."


"I will miss you terribly"

Former manager John Fairs is one of a number of people whose words have been used in the euology, which has been read by Paul Kaye.

He said: "I will remember him forever. He wasn't seduced by fame or fortune. Thank you for giving me shivers of fear and delight because of the venom in your performance.

"I have never known anyone with as much fire and energy as you. 

"I will miss you terribly."


Fans cheer as Keith's coffin arrives

This was the scene a little earlier when the proccession came to an end. 


Crowd remaining for service

The thousands waiting for the proccesion to arrive have remained for the service, which is being played outside via speakers. 

Our reporter George King says very few have gone home and everyone is listening intently.


The service begins

The proccession has now concluded and Keith has been carried inside.

The funeral is underway and was started by Rev'd Rod Reid saying: "Let's raise the roof for Keith and give him the send off to remember."

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Atmosphere building in Bocking

This was the scene a little earlier outside St Mary's Church where Prodigy hits are being played as fans await the arrival of the hearse. 


Huge crowd gathers at Courtauld Road

Hundreds of people cheer as the proccession heads towards Bocking

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Proccession underway

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Church music revealed

Music at today's funeral service will include That's Entertainment by the Jam, Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here and Days Like This by Van Morrison.

The processional music will be A Message To You, Rudy by the Specials.

Organist Jeremy Nicholas will be joined by singer/guitarist Joe McAdam at this afternoon's service.


Celebrating memory of a unique frontman

Prodigy fans are have been dancing in the streets in Bocking as they celebrate the life of the Prodigy's Keith Flint.


Cortege leaves town hall

The funeral cortege has just left Braintree Town Hall and is now heading down Victoria street


Town coming together

Firefighters at Braintree fire station stand in silence as they pay their respects to Prodigy frontman Keith Flint 

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Hearse and horse-drawn carriage set off together

A motorised hearse, followed by the horse-drawn carriage, have gone down Manor Street

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The scene in Braintree

Onlookers are gathered in Coggeshall Road where the procession is due to begin.

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Fans gathering near church

Large crowds are gathering in Bocking Church Street ahead of the funeral. We now understand the procession may not be starting on time.

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Another view of the horse-drawn carriage in Braintree

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Carriage is being prepared for funeral procession

This is the horse-drawn carriage that will shortly set off on the funeral procession to Bocking St Mary's Church. An orange wreath of flowers on the roof simply says 'Chief'


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Hundreds now at church

The crowd outside St Mary's is continuing to grow and hundreds more have been seen heading down to Bocking ahead of the procession, which is now less than 30 mintues away.


250 mile trip to say goodbye


"A day like no other"

Rev'd Rod Reid will conduct this afternoon's funeral service.

When speaking to the Braintree and Witham Times earlier this week, he said he was hopeful Keith would get the send off he deserved.

He said: "It's going to be a day like no other, just as it should be.

‘‘We all want it to be a fitting tribute and a chance to give thanks for Keith and this has always been part of what the family and band wanted from the start - a recognition of the outpouring of love and support that has come from the fans.

"Keith clearly had an impact on many people, and so this is an opportunity for people to join him on this his final journey and show their respect.’’


More of your Keith Flint stories

Fiona McRobert Ward: "15 or so years ago, when I was in my mid 50s, I took part in a Firewalk for Farleigh Hospice where I worked as a fundraiser.

"We trained to Firestarter - incredibly powerful music. I am now nearly 70 and still get that same thrill when I hear it. Grannie head banging in the kitchen!

"Keith’s death is a tragedy."

Keep them coming people

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Villagers embracing send off


From those who could not make it

Prodigy fans are continuing to congregate at the church ahead of the procession. Remember, there is a 2pm deadline for those wishing to lay flowers and messages

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Park Run

Just days before his death, Keith took part in the Chelmsford Central parkrun and clocked a personal best time of 21 minutes and 22 seconds.

Writing on their website, organisers described Flint as “one of our newer runners”, adding: “We wished he could have been part of our parkrun community for longer than he was.”

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What do we know about Keith's tragic death?

It has been nearly four weeks since Keith was found dead in his home in North End, Great Dunmow. 

The Prodigy confirmed the news just hours later and said the frontman had taken his own life.

At the opening of his inquest on March 11, a provisional cause of death was given as hanging. This remains under investigation while toxicology reports are prepared.

A full inquest will take place on Tuesday, July 23.


Flowers placed in hearse

Flowers are being placed inside the hearse ahead of the procession which is due to get underway at 3pm.

Free Press Series: Flowers being placed in and on the hearseFlowers being placed in and on the hearse


Your tributes to Keith

Robert Dorward: "One of the bands of my childhood. I live in Braintree now and can tell the whole town is very proud of him and the band."

Ben Brooks: "I’ve had the pleasure to meet Keith several times whilst growing up around Bocking. He was friends with my brother Danny before he took his own life in 1994. Keith was genuinely one of the nicest, most down to earth guys I’ve ever met. RIP Flinty."

We've had some lovely stories sent in so keep them coming and we'll add them in throughout the afternoon.


"I just feel so heartbroken for him"

Vanessa Carter has travelled to Braintree from Billericay to pay her respects to Keith.

She spoke to Times reporter George King outside the church.


"Be respectful to residents"

It's worth pointing out that all roads will remain open during the proccession through Braintree and Bocking this afternoon.

The Prodigy themselves have taken to social media to ask those coming to the town to be respectful to others. 


Braintree schools make home-time changes

For those parents picking their kids up later this afternoon, it’s worth checking what time schools are closing.

The Braintree and Witham Times is aware of a number of home-time changes and many schools in the town are allowing parents to pick their children up early.

More on that here


Business pays respects

Benson School of Motoring, in Braintree, has put eight photos of Keith its windows today.

Office manager Ciera Rogers told Daniel Surey the business wanted to pay tribute to the local hero.

She said: "We just wanted to show our support because he was a local man. He was known to me and he was lovely.

"We've had a lot of people stop to have a look and a lot of them seem to be surprised by the photo of him in the his biker suit. Not many people seem to know that he was so keen on his bikes.

"Looking around town it doesn't look like many other places have decided to do anything which is a shame."

Free Press Series: The Benson window in Bocking End, Braintree, todayThe Benson window in Bocking End, Braintree, today


"We're here to say thank you"

Fans Leigh and Ange have travelled from Wallington, Surrey, to say their goodbyes.

They said: "We're here today to pay our respects to Keith and to say thank you for all of the good times. 

"We've been following them since 1992 and it's (Keith's death) a big shock but we're here today just to say thanks and show our love and respect."

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Petition starters

Braintree residents Dave Paris and Saphya Gower have begun a petition calling for a statue to be installed in the town centre.

Dave spoke to reporter Daniel Surey this morning.

He said: "The Prodigy were more than a band they were a happening. One day someone will make a film about this band and it will be absolutely insane.

"Keith is getting a hero’s funeral today the likes of which this town will never see again."


Colourful scene near church


Special tributes

Fans have been paying their respects to Keith ever since the tragic news of his death was announced.

This mural, in Southend, was created by artist John Bulley.

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Get in touch

Got a story about Keith you want to share? Or do you have a particualrly fond memory of The Prodigy frontman?

Why not get in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter or via email and we'll include some of the best throughout the day. 

For those wishing to email, send your tributes to bwtnews@newsquest.co.uk.


Followers already arriving

Our reporter George King is down at St Mary's Church and has bumped into one of the many fans attending today's farewell.


Fans: "Keith is here in our hearts"

Followers are starting to gather in Braintree town centre ahead of the procession this afternoon and we’ve been spending time this morning chatting to some of them.

Four friends from the Facebook group The Prodigy Warriors took time to speak to our reporter Daniel Surey.

Dennis Kuehne, who has travelled from Germany, Andrew Ball, from Wisbech, and Alex Brown and Martin Maddocks, from Braintree, said they hoped something good could come from Keith’s death.

Martin said: “We definitely had to be here. In 1992 he made my heart smile and it’s been smiling ever since until today. There’re mixed emotions but we just felt that we had to come.

“And with him being where he was at the end, there’s a lot of us that have mental health problems and for us now he’s become like a beacon.

"We just wanted to come and show our respects because he’s not alone and he’ll never be alone again because he’s here in our hearts.”


2pm deadline 

For those wishing to lay flowers or cards outside the church today, St Mary's has asked you do so before 2pm. 

The funeral itself will be a private affair for friends and family, however speakers will be set up to relay the service to fans paying their respects outside.

Free Press Series:  Fans have been laying flowers outside the church Fans have been laying flowers outside the church


What’s happening today?

It’s unclear how many fans will be attending the procession but both Essex Police and Essex Highways have warned motorists of potential delays as “large crowds” are expected.

The procession is due to begin at 3pm at the roundabout that connects Railway Street and Coggeshall Road. It will initially travel down Courtauld Road and then proceed to turn right on to Bradford Street. 

It will then go left on to Church Lane, where it will pass the Braintree College as it begins its final approach towards St Mary’s Church in Bocking sometime between 3.30pm and 4pm.

The funeral will then take place at 4pm.