CHEPSTOW boxers won silver medals on Humberside at the weekend, writes Bob Cypher.

Five of Chepstow BC’s youngsters took part in the annual Hull Box Cup tournament, which attracts boxers from more than 120 clubs and seven countries.

“All the boxers did themselves and our club proud and I’m more than pleased to bring home silver medals,” Woods said.

“Both Pat Mullane and Kayd Dean have come away with silver medals.

“Pat took on six-times Irish Champion D McDonagh from Mullingar, who has 100 bouts to his name.

“At 6 foot 6 inches tall he proved just a bit too awkward for Pat to really get going and engage.

“He struggled to get in close enough to really load up his punches, although he did land a couple of good shots, including one in round two which put his opponent on the canvas, but he lost on points.

“In his final, Kayd boxed very well against a top Manchester boxer Lewis Smith and, although it was a close bout, the judges awarded the gold to Smith.

“Cai Dean, Jerry and Gussy Cash lost their bouts, although Cai and Jerry really did work hard but didn’t get the nod from the judges.

“Gussy didn’t perform to his best ability but it goes that way at times.”