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THIS season’s titles and cups should be decided by a 'drink-off' or a game of one touch, one bounce, according to one player.

These are two of the more outrageous ideas put forward in a straw poll conducted on social media following the suspension of all football leagues in Wales.

Iscoed Tafarn defender Jamie Green came up with the ideas on how the unfinished title races and cup competitions could be resolved.

However, his teammate Craig Owen feels there is only one course of action as far as the Division 1 title is concerned.

“The team who sits top of the league (now) should surely win it,” he suggested.

Tafarn are the current leaders of Division 1, two points ahead of Caldicot Castle A and eight ahead of third-placed Monmouth Town.

But there were serious comments made besides the more frivolous ideas, with Thornwell Red & White’s Wayne Duffield saying titles can’t be presented until mathematically beyond question.

“I think (the suspension) is overkill as we play local football with very small crowds,” he wrote.

“But it's better to be too cautious than not enough. There can't be any trophies awarded unless mathematically won, Thornwell A are in the hunt for the Division 1 title (with at least three other teams), a cup final and two semi finals so we could win four trophies - but we could win none!

“Hopefully we can finish this season at some point but I don't think it's likely.”

The solution may be for the League to declare the season null and void or to announce the premature end to the season.

League rule 22 states “at the end of the season, the team with the most points will be declared the winners. Where two teams have the same points, goal difference will decide.”

Although April 4th is the date given by the FAW, it’s unlikely to be the date for resuming the league programme and that sparked a comment by Jack Davies who thinks the suspension is strange when some matches in England went ahead,

“I don’t think (the suspension) is necessary,” he wrote

“England’s National League is still being played and that has far bigger crowds (than the EGL) and as long as players are aware of the risk that handshakes etc bring, then I think we should be allowed to carry on and finish the season.”

One way around the cup situation could be to stage them before the 2020/21 season starts.

This idea was put forward by Sudbrook CC B defender Stewart Wood.

“If the leagues can't be finished, allow Caldicot Town the Division 2 title and promotion for next season,” he wrote.

“Most of the cups are at or near semi final stage so could be finished in the summer if need be on the 3G. It would only take a few weekends.

“We don't want to increase anyone's risk to life but don't write it all off yet as a knee-jerk reaction.”

One player called for the season to resume to help players retain their sanity.

“I've won and lost too many leagues to really think the overall result matters over escaping life pressures to kick a ball about for 90 minutes,” wrote Iscoed Tafarn’s Sean Johnson.

“I understand concerns of group gatherings on spreading the virus but in reality 22 men plus the odd guy willing to run the line isn't going to add to the global outbreak. Let local football play for the sanity of us all!”