THE tenants of an historic house and gardens in St Arvans, near Chepstow, are appealing for the return of two signs promoting their art and craft courses and a Christmas event.

Christine Baxter and Alex Brown, of Wyndcliffe Court Gardens, have been left puzzled by the mysterious disappearance of a vinyl sign promoting their art and craft courses during the winter and a small banner highlighting the Christmas craft fair which is taking place between 11am and 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The signs were stolen from a piece of private land known as Big Monday and Little Tuesday, owned by Roger Shaw just behind the sign to Tintern on the A466, some time between November 21 and 22.

Ms Baxter and Mr Brown, both artists, have welcomed thousands of visitors to the gardens, which feature sculptures, since opening to the public in May.

They said: “We can’t understand why the sign was taken, or by whom, especially as we are trying to provide the area with a beautiful new venue, with lots of exciting opportunities to be a part of. The sign is a large (one by two metre) coloured vinyl with gold eyelets, held up by two wooden posts. The posts are still there, albeit left slightly wonky.

“The banners are expensive, and Wyndcliffe Court is currently having all extra funds invested into the restoration of its walled kitchen garden, as well as the installation of a traditional rose garden on the lower terrace – for the public to enjoy.

“We are disheartened to be targeted in this distructive way, and hope that someone may have some answers.”

“Passing motorists may have seen activity around the sign at this time, and we would be very appreciative of any information that can shed some light on what happened.”

Anyone with information should contact Gwent Police on 101.