Solve issue of immigration

12:33pm Tuesday 17th June 2014

RELIGIONS, faiths, call them what you like, have been the cause of wars and strife in the world for thousands of years and are, unfortunately, still with us today.


10:58am Monday 16th June 2014

BEING a town councillor and resident in Monmouthshire, I must say I am disgusted with the way Monmouthshire County Council treats us all.

Licence refund

11:17am Friday 13th June 2014

AS THE university summer break begins, and students in the University of South Wales move back home for the summer holidays, TV Licensing is reminding them that they could be eligible for a very useful refund of almost £37 on the final quarter of their annual TV licence.

A lot of gratitude

11:16am Friday 13th June 2014

THE COMMITTEE and users of Ty Canol Allotments would like to thank Councillor Phil Seabourne for his recent kind donation.

Grade woes

11:43am Friday 14th March 2014

IT SEEMS like the education system is letting our children down once again. How come my daughter, with a predicted grade in English Language of an A or B, despite scoring 45 per cent gets an unclassified? Is it really possible the teachers were not aware of the change in how English is marked and taught? If so, it’s an error of outstanding proportion. Total incompetence. How dare they treat our youngsters like this.

School's divide

12:38pm Monday 3rd March 2014

TORFAEN’S plans for the re-organisation of secondary education in Cwmbran appear remarkably at odds with its declared intent of renewing its educational provision so that all pupils benefit equally from its future programme investment in new school buildings.

Back the Bill

12:40pm Friday 28th February 2014

ON MARCH 5, I will be leading a debate in the National Assembly on my proposed bill for a legal duty for Minimum Nurse Staffing Levels.

Just what is going wrong?

12:24pm Wednesday 19th February 2014

JUST what is going wrong with the bin recycling operatives in Torfaen?

Beauty spoiled

3:42pm Friday 7th February 2014

ONCE again (Argus, January 31 – £23 million for Gwent regeneration announced) Cllr Bob Wellington remembers to forget his leadership in supporting the South Sebastopol development that will scar the landscape along the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal between Cwmbran and Sebastopol.

Maggie was OTT

11:53am Friday 31st January 2014

TORIES have a tendency to go OTT. I believe Margaret Thatcher went OTT when a mounted police force charged a group of striking miners down a Barnsley Street in 1984.

Flower power

11:50am Friday 31st January 2014

ANOTHER example of Torfaen Council’s right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing – “Going wild with flowers to help bees to thrive”.

Super clubs

1:01pm Tuesday 28th January 2014

THE REASON I believe the current top four are not being supported is because they are super clubs, not regions and therefore only supported by their old club supporters. These super clubs have effectively disenfranchised 60 per cent of Welsh rugby supporters. Supporters up the valleys cannot relate to these super clubs.

50 arrests on this year's Black Friday in Gwent

11:31am Sunday 22nd December 2013

THE last Friday before Christmas, dubbed "Black Friday", saw 50 people arrested across Gwent, a slight drop on last year, the police have said.

Salmond attack

12:04pm Thursday 12th December 2013

DAVID McEwan Hill asked how we Welsh would feel if dreamer Alex Salmond were to come to Wales and “interfere with Welsh Politics?”

Fracked off

11:50am Friday 6th December 2013

THE LATEST ‘public relations’ film by the fracking industry makes for disturbing viewing.

One was best

12:15pm Thursday 5th December 2013

WHEN the unitary authorities were introduced to the old county of Gwent, the public were assured this was the way forward. Time has shown this is not the case.

Ducking issue

12:04pm Wednesday 4th December 2013

I WONDER is Stu Vigus the back or the front of the Labourite pro-capitalist pantomime horse? He plods around the letters page with an inane personal attack on myself (based on a total ignorance of anarchism) and like Mike Gough ducks the issue in question, namely the Con/Dem government’s “austerity” cuts passed on to the good people of Torfaen by a shower of councillors who are supposed to have a duty of care towards the people who elected them!

Pool frustrations

11:59am Wednesday 4th December 2013

I HAVE been finding it very frustrating recently that you are unable to go for a swim when you please, even mothers and babies are restricted to set hours in the week.

Energy cartel

11:20am Tuesday 3rd December 2013

IT’S NOT suppliers we should “switch”, it’s but the system if we want to lower energy bills, as 98 per cent of electricity supply is controlled by the big six companies. so s Swapping suppliers asks a lot of the remaining two per cent of generators and even more from consumers baffled by the array of tariffs on offer.

Bins query

12:02pm Monday 2nd December 2013

AGAIN we hear of the buffoons in our local authority planning to bite the hands that feed them (the taxpayer) by charging for lost bins and not collecting missed bins in Torfaen.

Welsh campaign

12:17pm Thursday 21st November 2013

FANTASTIC to see our first minister launching a campaign to raise awareness of Welsh- medium education, Live in Wales: Learn in Welsh.

Time to grow up

3:50pm Thursday 14th November 2013

IT’S reassuring in life that some certainties remain each year to mark our calendars, like Easter, Christmas and the annual letter from Terry Banfield calling on councils to refuse to set a legal budget.


12:20pm Monday 28th October 2013

I AM getting extremely fed-up hearing in the media, how pensioners are to fund their old age and at the same time having what little pension most do have eroded with the food and energy increases.

Cut your pay

12:33pm Monday 21st October 2013

THE TOP managers at the Royal Gwent wish to cut the wages and conditions for the hard-working nurses and other staff. These are the people at the sharp end of delivering the service to patients. I notice there are no proposals for the senior managers or the doctors to take any cuts. I doubt these managers would be willing to take cuts to the same percentage as the staff.

Hospital anger

2:01pm Thursday 17th October 2013

WHAT an outrage !The health minister at the Welsh Assembly has delayed so long the final decision on the new SCCC Hospital at Llanfrechfa.

A fine theatre

11:54am Monday 14th October 2013

THE CONGRESS Theatre, Cwmbran has a wide range of entertainment from lunchtime concerts that showcase young talent to varied evening performances by established artists. To keep giving such pleasure to myself and many friends, I hope they raise the funding needed for refurbishment.

Christian bias

11:51am Monday 14th October 2013

DO PONTYPOOL Community Council realise that we live in a multicultural society and in the borough of Torfaen we have people of all faiths and indeed none? So opting for a “Merry Christmas”/”Nadolig Llawen” sign would be to show a pro-Christian bias (as opting for a sign saying “Happy Hanukkah” would show a Jewish bias (etc).

All about money

10:13am Tuesday 8th October 2013

HOW SNEAKY are the police? I was coming down the old Crumlin Road towards Pontypool and there at the end was the speed van. They know they can’t get any money because of the roadworks on the dual carriageway (and it is about the money, not safety) they try to catch people using the old road, how is that about safety? I bet about ten cars an hour use that road.

No to new M4

11:53am Tuesday 1st October 2013

IT IS a great pity that your article demanding that the new M4 be built preceded the publication of the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).You recognise that a new M4 would have an impact on wildlife on the Gwent Levels but you make no mention of what could turn out to be a hugely greater problem; I mean of course climate change.

Lovely day

12:06pm Tuesday 24th September 2013

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Greenmeadow fun day. We took five wheelchair residents from Leadon Court nursing home. They had a wonderful day, enjoyed by all, and the staff met us on arrival, very helpful.

Praise for choir

1:07pm Thursday 19th September 2013

I SPENT a pleasant day on Sunday, September 8, at the show at Greenmeadow Community Farm, Cwmbran.

Excellent event

2:17pm Thursday 12th September 2013

AS VICE-PRESIDENT of The Linden Singers, I was privileged to be a guest at their annual concert at St Hilda’s Church Hall on Saturday evening.

Notices needed

12:08pm Tuesday 10th September 2013

I SEE that anglers are now using the Boating Lake again. We also have two beautiful swans and seven fit and healthy cygnets, which I hope will be left in peace.

Creative answer

12:05pm Tuesday 10th September 2013

WHAT A clever but devious plot to David Cameron’s appeal to his cabinet: “How can we reduce unemployment figures dramatically before the next election?” The education minister delivered the answer.

Stay out UK

11:08am Monday 9th September 2013

THE LAST time I looked there were about 47 countries in Europe, 193 in the UN and 196 in the world. I also notice that we are no longer The British Empire but a small nation with limited resources and hardly any military capability.

Who will act?

12:33pm Wednesday 4th September 2013

MORE than 1,400 people gassed to death, more than 400 of them children. I guess it leaves a bitter taste in most people’s mouths, doesn’t it? Has Obama painted himself into a corner by saying “No boots on the ground”? He may be right, but doing nothing is surely not an option... action in Syria could indeed start a third world war.

Money at top

12:25pm Wednesday 4th September 2013

WE ARE forever being told that the Welsh Ambulance Service is in crisis. What crisis? Despite continually claiming it is underfunded, the trust has appointed a part-time chairman, Mick Giannasi, on £59K for 15 days a month. How can they justify such an appointment? Mr Giannasi may have a proven track record but how effective will he be working part-time?

No to vaccines

12:23pm Wednesday 4th September 2013

LAST WEEK we had a cow taken away for slaughter because she was a TB reactor. Lovely young cow, very sad. Left behind was a strong, six-week-old bull calf. We had to teach it to drink milk (from a local dairy farm) and feed and care for this calf. This week an abattoir rang to say the calf must go too as the cow had TB lesions, and it was duly collected.

Nothing learned

10:51am Friday 30th August 2013

THE 51ST state of the USA, otherwise known as Britain, has been told by its president, via its senator David Cameron, to take the lead on demanding an attack on a country that is no threat to Britain.

Ground ruined

10:50am Friday 30th August 2013

I HAVE just been to Rodney Parade and am disgusted at what has happened to the place. We are now being treated like cattle all for the sake of letting a load of soccer yobs use OUR ground. We queued for 20 minutes to get in, missed the kick-off, found one of the terrace entrances has vanished and ladies now have to leave for the loo 15 minutes before they need to use it because of the distance they have to walk to get there.

Landlords gain

11:33am Thursday 29th August 2013

HOW providential it is that in the same week in which you report that hundreds of victims of the ‘bedroom tax’ in the county have fallen behind with their rents, the Coalition’s justification for this wicked tax has been blown apart.

Policing pledge

10:23am Tuesday 27th August 2013

I REFER to the letter from John Williams relating to the Gwent Police use of ‘one- stop shops’. I am working with the chief constable to review the way that communities can access police stations, officers and staff.

Another Way

4:09pm Wednesday 21st August 2013

WHATEVER the reasons the government gives for the bedroom tax, one of them is the reduction of housing benefit paid. However there is another way: 1. Scrap the bedroom tax 2. Give private tenants the same right to housing benefit as social tenants 3 Limit by law the amount landlords can charge in rent. Ten per cent above that charged by social landlords, and a minimum five-year tenancy agreement would be a good idea.

Bikes are Back

4:05pm Wednesday 21st August 2013

I WOULD like to inform Lyndon Bishop that, according to an article in the Free Press, Torfaen council has seen sense and lifted the ban on cycling in Pontypool Park. The no cycling signs have been removed.

Are police funds used effectively?

3:42pm Tuesday 20th August 2013

NOW all the hooha concerning the PCC seems to be settling down, I would like to know what is the annual cost, both in man hours and monetary terms, in the setting up and operating the ‘one stop shop’ to meet the police throughout the county and what is the uptake by members of the public?

Despotic God?

4:47pm Monday 19th August 2013

FORSOOTH Tom McCarthy, me a despot for merely using accurate quotes from the Bible? I think not because the Bible is the actual word of God. So logically you should be labelling the mythical God as despotic not myself.

White Elephant

4:40pm Monday 19th August 2013

I WRITE in response to the decision by Natural Resources Wales to drop its objections to the proposed Circuit of Wales project.

Making it Plain

12:57pm Friday 16th August 2013

I WONDER if Mr Greenhalgh quite understood what I was saying about the people who were deserving of respect. By no means all of them, but many of the ones who I have in mind as I wrote the letter will now be elderly and long since retired, but were at one time highly trained engineer surveyors with what I consider was extremely valuable knowledge and a desire to see work carried out safely by a company that many locals referred to as “the cancer factory”.

So tiresome!

12:55pm Friday 16th August 2013

IS IT not time that Messrs McCarthy, Banfield, Jackson and anyone else joining the pointless exchanges of views on the Bible and its interpretation agreed to disagree?

Immigration Lie

12:53pm Friday 16th August 2013

IN 1951 after the atrocities in the Second World War, Britain proudly signed up to the UN refugee convention, proudly boasting that we would never again allow fellow humans to suffer and would offer them safety, in our country, but this principle is being buried by political propaganda and distorted facts and figures by mainstream media, and using asylum-seekers as a scapegoat for the country’s economic problems.


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