A-MOTHER-OF-TWO who has worked for the National Health Service for three decades will take on controversial Conservative MP David Davies in Monmouth at the next general election.

Ruth Jones, a physiotherapist from Newport, says some people are unhappy the Tory politician is representing the constituency.

She was picked by the Monmouth Constituency Labour Party (CLP) through an all-women shortlist.

But this has generated little of the controversy seen in Blaenau Gwent a decade ago – whereas in the Valleys constituency the shortlist was imposed, in the Monmouth CLP the move was made voluntarily. Mrs Jones, 51, campaigned in Blaenau Gwent during the debacle: “This was different in terms of the fact they didn’t have it imposed.

“I know that women are under-represented in all areas of politics. I can see how positive action can be helpful but I’m happy to stand in an open field.”

She is critical of Mr Davies’ stance on climate change and said: “For someone to say they don’t believe in it is amazing, I am completely staggered by that.”

She added “certain sectors of Monmouth” like what Mr Davies says but believes the Tories are “polarising society”.

Mr Davies’ views on benefits – recently publicised in a BBC TV programme where he told a man to go to London to find work – also showed a “lack of insight into people’s working lives and conditions. Some of the people I speak to are very unhappy at the thought that he represents all the people in Monmouth.

“I would say it’s up to us to show there’s a viable alternative.”

A Christian, a member of Rogerstone’s Bethesda Baptist Church, she will move to the constituency if she wins. “Things like the bedroom tax are beginning to bite. People are realising this government is all but squeezing the poorest and even the middle,” she added.