GEORGE Street Primary, Pontypool, is the latest Torfaen school to operate a green cone scheme to combat the problem of motorists parking inconsiderately.

Green traffic cones are placed on both sides of the road so parents and pupils have a clear view in both directions and the children can cross safely. The executive member for neighbourhood services, Councillor John Cunningham, said: “The green cone scheme offers a simple solution to what can be a dangerous problem.

“I am sure it will see a reduction in parking problems and congestion around the school during peak times.

“The main concern has to be the safe transportation of children to and from school. When too many vehicles try to park outside a school at the same time, it can pose a danger to the pupils.”

Head teacher Julie Wood added: “We are very hopeful that the scheme will support the school in our constant endeavour to ensure all pupils leave and enter our school site safely.” She said it was a very We feel that this is a very important initiative.

and hope that it will prove to be very successful.”