PARENTS of Pontypool miracle triplets say that they are counting their blessings to have their girls in their lives.

On August 2, three girls, Ffion, Madison and Paige, weighing 3lb 8oz, 3lb 5oz and 3lb 4oz respectively, were delivered via emergency caesarean section two months early.

Six months later and the triplets are keeping their parents in a strict routine as they juggle the three along with their older daughter Faye, four.

The Multiple Births Foundation said the birth of identical triplets was very rare, at odds of about 160,000 to one.

Ian and Karen Gilbert, who were advised on two occasions to have their babies aborted due to the dangers to both their and their mother’s health.

Mr Gilbert, 35, said: “We count our blessings that we didn’t listen to doctors as when all three of them are looking at you and smiling it makes it all worthwhile. The triplets are a miracle and since being born they have impressed doctors with their progress.”

After being born in Neville Hall Hospital the triplets were kept in incubators for just over a week and stayed in hospital for a further four weeks before being allowed home.

The couple deal with the triplets in order, with Paige being fed and changed first, then Madison and then Ffion.

Mr Gilbert said: “Everyday tasks take three times as long and their buggy is too big to set up in the house. They get through 250 nappies a week- so it can be very stressful at times.”

As they are identical, their parents still have trouble telling them apart, so they have taken to writing their initials on their feet in marker pen.

But the triplets have developed their own personalities, with Paige being the giggler, Madison cries more and Ffion is quite passive.

The three have also taken to the limelight starring in an episode of Casualty.

They spent four days on set at the end of last year and played the part of one baby, and as they are identical it meant that the crew could rotate the babies for scenes.

The couple said that they enjoy the attention that they get from passers-by who want to have a closer look at the rare sight.

Mr Gilbert added: “We get mobbed everywhere we go- it’s crazy.”