AN ABERGAVENNY man who fought back against thieves at his tyre firm has been hailed a “hero” in a new music video dedicated to him.

The video, titled The Andrew Woodhouse Story, was published on YouTube on Saturday and has already been watched more than 2,300 times.

It is the creation of Cwmbran singing duo Carlton Lawrence and Steve Shaw, who go by the name Sticky Fingers Wales.

Andrew Woodhouse, who owns Abergavenny Tyres ,was found not guilty of causing grievous bodily harm against a thief he caught in the act, at Cardiff Crown court earlier this year.

The jury found Mr Woodhouse had acted in self-defence when he left Kevin Green, 53, with two broken legs and a broken forearm on March 26 of last year, after Mr Green and his son-in-law Timothy Cross stole diesel from his yard in Llanfoist.

The music video tells the story of the alarm being activated just after midnight and Mr Woodhouse driving from his home to his yard, where he chased the two thieves across a field.

“I followed the story since it first came out. I phoned him and had a chat and asked whether he minded me making a song about him. At first, he thought it was a wind up,” said Mr Lawrence, who later went to the garage to take pictures for the video.

In the chorus, the duo sing: “Andrew Woodhouse he’s a hero, come on let’s rejoice. For if you’re on the rob, don’t dare go to Llanfoist.”

Mr Woodhouse said: “They asked me first and then when it was done they let me see it.

“It’s excellent. It really cheered me up. Everyone I’ve spoken to – they have all loved it. It’s a good bit of fun.”

The alternative musicians have been singing together for years.

Mr Lawrence, 49, who is a pallet man by trade, said: “We always make songs. We just sit and write songs together.”

The singer/songwriter was pleased with the reaction. He said: “[Andrew] texted me on the weekend once he’d seen it and said he’s really happy he’s got a song about him.”