HAPPY Days star Henry Winkler - made famous for his character The Fonz - visited a Monmouthshire school yesterday to talk about his dyslexia.

He encouraged children at Chepstow School to do what they enjoy, as part of his tour around the UK which ends at the Hay Festival this weekend.

Mr Winkler, who was awarded an honorary OBE in 2011 for his work highlighting dyslexia, said: "I say everybody's got something they are great at. Some say maths, some say spelling, some say running, some say being a good friend.

'I took geometry for four years. I failed it for four years.

"I started my professional career in 1970.

"Not once since then has anyone asked me anything about it.

"I went through all that trauma, all that drama feeling bad about myself, and all for nothing.

On how his dyslexia affected this work as an actor and learning a script, he said: "I learn a little the night before and then as we are rehearsing it, there are two or three runs for the camera and by the time they got to me I have memorised it."

A co-author of the Hank Zipzer children's books, Mr Winkler was in the area as part of his role with the First News My Way! campaign, which is run with education charity Achievement for All.

My Way! was launched in 2010 and on his tours around the country since then Mr Winkler has talked to over 7,000 schoolchildren about his own difficulties as well as how he have overcome them.