TWO men who attacked a takeaway delivery driver before assaulting two others at a party have been jailed for a total of 17 years and eight months.

Former Pontypool RFC player Adam Banfield, aged 28, of George Street, Pontypool, and Nathan Williams, 30, of Grove Crescent, Trevethin, had taken drugs and were walking in the middle of the road past K2 Star Kebab in Pontypool on the night of September 28 last year.

A car driven by Armaan Quadri somehow came into contact with Banfield, who then subjected the driver to a “sustained and brutal” assault inside and outside his vehicle, Cardiff Crown Court heard yesterday.

Recorder Judge Simon Mills said Mr Quadri, the director of the India Garden takeaway in Garndiffaith, was repeatedly punched and kicked by both men including while on the ground, and suffered a broken arm and bruises during the attack, which was witnessed by onlookers and partly captured on CCTV.

By the time Banfield and Williams arrived at a party some time later, the news of their behaviour had spread and they were asked to leave.

Williams then punched and kicked a man, Daniel Black, breaking bones in both sides of his jaw, while Banfield stamped on Mr Black’s brother Aaron causing multiple bruises.

Later Banfield telephoned Aaron Black and subjected him to what the judge described as “unpleasant bullying and disturbing threats peppered with abuse”. Prosecutor Jeffrey Jones said Banfield had accused Mr Black of being a “grass” and threatened to kill him, before calling him again several hours later to apologise.

The pair were arrested three days later on October 1 and in police interview claimed self-defence, before later admitting all charges.

Of the attack on Mr Quadri, the judge said the pair “had no business” walking in the road, and that there was no suggestion Mr Quadri had been driving in an improper manner.

Judge Mills said: “It was instinctive, pack-like behaviour.

“Your first reaction was to attack this man who had done nothing wrong.”

David Elias, mitigating for Banfield, who was subject to two court orders for assaulting an ex-partner at the time of the offences, said his behaviour had been “shameful and appalling”, but insisted the defendant can be a useful member of society.

Huw Wallace, for Williams, said he had gone 10 years without committing acts of violence, but had started drinking following the breakdown of a relationship, and wished to apologise to the victims.

Banfield, who has been on remand for eight months, was sent to jail for seven years and four months for grievous bodily harm against Mr Quadri.

He was also sentenced to 16 months consecutive for assault occasioning actual bodily harm against Aaron Black, and four months consecutive for intimidating him, totalling nine years.

Williams was sentenced to six years and eight months in jail for the attack on Mr Quadri, and two years consecutively for the assault on Daniel Black, totalling eight years eight months.