MONTHS after the tragic death of Pontypool mum Caroline Howarth, the community continues to rally around her husband Lee and baby Hallie-Rose, offering their support.

Members of Victory Church in Cwmbran have been providing support and basic necessities for Mr Howarth to allow him to care for his baby daughter, since her mum tragically died two days after her birth in early May. A charity football game involving a Newport County XI will also be held this weekend to raise further funds for Hallie-Rose.

Mr Howarth, who lives in Talywain, said he had been living off the kindness of the church with a meal every night, along with food from their food bank and care for Hallie- Rose including nappies and SMA milk.

He said it has been overwhelming.

“Hallie is doing really well – she is nine pounds now, but I am relying on the church to supply me with a meal every night, nappies and milk. They are even paying my rent,” he said.

“Victory Church has got a Christian rehab organisation called Victory Outreach which helps those who are homeless, have been in prison or have addictions.

“I lost my mum at a very young age and went off the rails and turned into an alcoholic, but then I went to Victory Outreach for a year and a half.

“When I came out I met Caroline and my life began and now they are helping me again.”

Lee Howarth is the sole carer for his daughter, after his wife died on May 10 when she suffered a severe asthma attack that inhibited her breathing and, coupled with an already decreased level of oxygen in her blood, caused her to go into cardiac arrest during an emergency caesarean section to deliver her baby.

Pastor Allun Davies of Victory Church added: “People in the church have been giving him help and cluster groups have been providing him with hampers of food.”

A charity football game in Mrs Howarth’s memory will take place this weekend.

The aim is to provide Hallie-Rose some savings for when she turns 18.

The match will see a Newport County XI take on Caerleon Town AFC at Coronation Park (the ground of Newport Corries) on Sunday at 1pm.

A variety of stalls will also feature as part of the event, and six County fans will have the opportunity to pay to play with their sporting heroes.