A WOMAN arrested and taken to a Gwent police station feared the sergeant in charge of her care was about to rape her, Cardiff Crown Court heard today.

Gwent police sergeant Richard Evans, of The Highway in New Inn, denies two counts of misconduct in public office and three counts of sexual assault between 2003 and 2013.

An alleged victim broke down in tears today as she gave evidence at his trial from behind a screen.

The woman, who cannot be named, said Evans, 47, touched her as he gave her a T-shirt to put on and later kissed her at Ystrad Mynach police station.

"I felt invaded, powerless as well," she said.

Describing the alleged sexual assault she said in a video played to the court: "I thought he was going to rape me or something.

"I felt disappointed in the police force as well. If I wanted help with the police with things going on in my street I would probably think twice about phoning them now."

In cross examination, Susan Ferrier suggested Evans did not kiss the woman, only hugged her when she asked him to because she was upset about personal problems.

The witness replied: "He wouldn't let me go, making that clear to me."

Ms Ferrier said: "This is something you have made up, isn't it?"

A second complainant also gave evidence today, who is alleged to have had consensual sex with Evans in Ystrad Mynach police station while he was on duty.

She claimed Evans came up behind her as she filled a cup of water, and had sex with her.

Describing the alleged incident in police interview, she said: "I was feeling giggly because I had just done something stupid and naughty. I was thinking, 'Don't give the game away'."

The sex lasted around five minutes, she said.

"I was like, flattered, you know. When you have got a man in uniform you think to fancy you and you are single bringing up kids. I just let it happen."

But she said she did not enjoy the sex as "there was no feeling, nothing there. It was just no strings, just sex."

The night before she had been taken into custody after drinking and was "more than likely" still drunk at the time, she claimed.

She did not know the officer's name, she added.

But she recognised him as an officer who had previously offered her a lift home and kissed her in the back of a police van, she said.