PLANS to build a new car park on a greenfield area in Monmouth are set to go before a planning committee.

The proposed development would create a car park with up to 39 spaces in Wyebridge Street and aims to ease parking problems in Monmouth.

Officers will recommend planners at Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) pass the plans when the committee meets on April 25.

Plans were originally drawn up for the car park following a report commissioned by Monmouthshire council, which identified a consistent demand for parking spaces in Monmouth and surrounding towns since 2009.

The original proposals for a 44-space car park were reduced to 39, following opposition to the scheme.

Under the plans, the parking spaces will be “grasscrete” and there would be no net loss of trees on the site.

Two of the current eight trees would be felled, and these would be replaced with two pin oaks and one pear tree, the planning application, submitted by MCC, states.

The plans have divided opinion, with some welcoming the opportunity of more parking, while others opposing the loss of open space.

Amongst those in support is the Monmouth District Chamber of Commerce, who said the development would help independent businesses.

“Over the last 10 years the Chamber has lobbied for a car park to free up space in the oversubscribed short stay Glendower Street car park,” the group writes in the planning application.

“Visitors spend an hour at peak time trying to find a car parking space.

“More car parking at the Shire Hall end of town will help the independent businesses of Church Street, Priory Street and Beaufort and Swan Courts.”

Nine letters of support and nine letters of objection have been submitted in response to the plans.

Objectors fear the car park will make traffic problems worse.

Some also say the car park would be underused due to it being in a “difficult” location to access.

Supporters say the car park will help bring visitors to the town, making it easier for all to visit including young people and the elderly.

The plans will go before MCC’s planning committee on Tuesday, April 25, at 2pm at a meeting at the council’s offices in Usk.