SWIMMERS in Torfaen can take on the ultimate swimming challenge to raise money for Diabetes UK Cymru.

Between Thursday, February 22 and Tuesday, May 22, the charity is asking people to visit their local pools and take part in Swim22.

The challenge, which is the equivalent of swimming across the English Channel, covers 22 miles and can be completed individually or in teams.

Joseph Cuff, the charity’s fundraising manager, said: “Swimming is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy and have fun, so why not set yourself a challenge.

“Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned swimmer, our team will be on hand to offer swimming tips and fundraising advice.

“Wales has the highest prevalence of diabetes in the whole of the UK.

“7.1 per cent of the population aged 17 and over, some 188,000 people, are living with the condition.

“We estimate 57,000 more people in Wales are living with Type 2 diabetes, but have not yet been diagnosed.

“When diabetes is not well managed it can lead to serious complications including heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and amputations.

"Every length you complete and every pound you raise will bring us closer to our vision of a world where diabetes can do no harm. So sign up and make a splash.”

For details, go to diabetes.org.uk/swim22.