THREE women who rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in the winter are the inspiration for a new play, which is coming to Abergavenny’s Borough Theatre for one night only on September 30.

Chris Eldon Lee’s Atlantic Ladies tells the story of Abergavenny woman Elaine Theaker, who spent 61 days at sea with Sharon Magrath and Dianne Carrington, both from Shropshire, as they completed the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

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The trio’s journey, from the Canary Islands to Antigua, will be recreated on stage by three actresses, with the only props being a few buckets, a pair of dolphins, and a stepladder – which fills in as the ladies’ boat, Poppy.

Mr Eldon Lee said: “I met Dianne, the crew’s captain, at a party in December 2016. I could scarcely believe what they were going to do.

“It seemed such a fantastic story.”

After meeting the three rowers shortly before their departure, he promised to deliver a play based on their experiences.

The playwright kept tabs on the crew’s progress via a blog, which was updated regularly from the mid-Atlantic via satellite phone, and then met each crew member for detailed interviews once they had returned home.

“In particular I wanted to take the audience through the dramatic events and make sure everything was as authentic as possible,” Mr Eldon Lee said.

Mrs Theaker and her colleagues had, he said, been “so supportive” during the process.

“It’s a very funny play – they were so modest and self-deprecating, and I think at the time they were a little naïve about what they would face. The comedy of that naivety runs through the play,” he said.

Mrs Theaker is eagerly awaiting the performance.

“I haven’t actually seen any of the rehearsals, but there’s not long now,” she said.

“It’s brilliant, just crazy to think this gentleman was captured by the whole thing.

“It’s a real compliment that he’s taken the time and trouble to do this.”

She said the play will capture the highs and also many lows of their journey across the ocean, and in what Mr Eldon Lee also called a “perfect climax”, she thinks the play’s final moments will “bring back memories I’ve buried away", such as capsizing just before they ended their journey.

Ms Theaker said: “I’m really interested to see how the play will show the ferocity of the water without any actual water, but from feedback I’ve heard its realistic enough to feel as if you’re right there having all those experiences.”

Atlantic Ladies will be performed at Abergavenny’s Borough Theatre on Sunday, September 30, 7.30pm. For tickets, visit the theatre’s website.