THREE venues in Torfaen are facing funding cuts as the county borough council seeks to save around £25million over the next four years.

Blaenavon Workmen’s Hall, the Congress Theatre and Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre could all have their funding reduced under plans which will be decided by the council's cabinet on Tuesday.

The proposals would see a total of £12,000 saved next year, and £42,000 over the next four years.

A council report says the cuts could result in redundancies and in the worst case closure, but that the venues will be supported to find additional funding to bridge the shortfall and avoid this happening.

Outlining the 'risks' of the changes, it says: "The venues affected by cuts may not be able to source additional funding to bridge the funding shortfall, which may lead to staff redundancies, reduction in opening hours, changes to its public offer and worst case, closure.

"Torfaen council officers will continue to work with venues to support them in sourcing funding, become more sustainable and managing the repercussions of funding shortfalls."

Council officers have worked with the three venues over recent months to agree on the changes and help manage the repercussions of the funding cuts.

The reductions are proposed to take place in smaller amounts over four years to ease the impact.

Cwmbran's Congress Theatre receives the most funding out of the three venues, to deliver professional theatre provision with facilities for community use.

This year it received £61,000 but under the proposals this will be cut by £5,000 per year, to £41,000 in four years.

Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre will see its funding of £18,000 reduced by £2,000 per year, to £10,000 in four years.

Meanwhile Blaenavon Workmen’s Hall, owned by the council, currently receives support by way of ‘waived’ rent and utilities, with running costs currently standing at £28,000.

Contributions will be cut to £14,000 over the four years under the plans. Tenants of the hall will be invoiced by the council for the remaining costs, a council report says.

The planned cuts come after the cabinet previously decided that savings will need to be found from the arts and tourism department. It was also recently decided that Torfaen Museum Trust will have its funding cut by £26,700 over the next four years as part of savings.

The council needs to find around £25million of savings over the next four years, with every area being examined.