A TOWN centre kebab shop has been given permission to extend its opening hours until 2am on a temporary basis, despite concerns it could give rise to "rowdy behaviour."

Councillors on Monmouthshire council's planning committee voted to approve an application to extend the opening hours of Abergavenny Kebab House in Frogmore Street from midnight until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.

A licence application for the change has already been given approval.

At the planning committee meeting on Tuesday, Cllr Maureen Powell suggested granting a temporary permission so that the situation can be monitored.

The meeting heard that two objections had been lodged from residents, expressing concerns over noise disturbance.

One resident wrote in their objection: "We are regularly kept up at night, particularly on weekends with noise and rowdy behaviour.

"We feel that 2am would be far too late for a premises such as this to be open in a residential area, and we already regularly see drunk people shouting up and down our street."

But the meeting heard police already patrol the area until 2am on Friday and Saturday as this is the closing time of the nearby Auberge bar and restaurant.

Police offered no objections on the condition that CCTV is installed, the meeting heard.

Cllr Louise Brown agreed with the proposal for a temporary permission, saying that residents in the area needed to be considered.

"People are entitled to some level of ability to be able to sleep at night and it's close to residential properties which I think ought to be taken account of," she said.

Cllr Roger Harris also said he favoured a temporary permission, adding that he did not understand why it was necessary for the kebab shop to be open until 2am.

The agreement will see permission for extended opening times granted for an initial 12 months.

This will be extended if there are no issues.

Cllr Jim Higginson said a similar agreement was in place for the licensing permission, allowing for the situation to be monitored.

And Cllr Phil Murphy said a temporary consent was the way to go, adding: "The proof of the pudding will be in the eating."

The proposal to grant the extended opening times for an initial 12 months was unanimously approved.