A FAMILY from Chepstow has appeared in an inspiring BBC programme about the special bond between father and son.

Liam Roche, 18, has ambitions of becoming a television presenter, and in One Last Gig he presents the story about his close connection with his dad, and how he’s trying to fulfil a dream for them both.

Liam and his father, Patrick, both have dwarfism. About their relationship, Liam said: "He's my best mate. He's taught me everything I need to know. He's taught me how to have such a good outlook on life and how to deal with stupid people on the street, trying to take the mick – because you get that."

In the show, Liam talks about how his dad taught him to follow his dreams and not let his height get in the way. Liam has achieved a black belt in kung fu and has run the Cardiff Half Marathon. Before the race, he took part in 16 tough weeks of training with Gareth Thomas, battling against the odds, as part of the Alfie’s Army television series.

And Mr Roche has also enjoyed fame, as an accomplished drummer who toured the world with bands. His career high-point was recording with Roachford for their 1994 hit song Cry for Me.

Although the guitar was Mr Roche's first instrument, his fingers weren’t long enough, and he subsequently made a success of playing the drums. But despite his love for music, he later had to give up his passion because of ill health.

And until One Last Gig, it had been almost 10 years since he picked up the drumsticks in the wake of increasingly painful arthritis and complications caused by dwarfism.

For the BBC show, Liam – inspired by his dad’s determination and free spirit – decided to organise the biggest surprise of his life, and give him the chance to play the drums, for one last time, with his old bandmates.

"His expression was a picture – happy, shocked, and a bit confused all in one," Liam said after his dad's surprise was revealed. "I couldn't have been happier with how the gig went. I hadn't seen my dad play in years, so it was really nice to see him get up and play one last time."

One Last Gig, part of the BBC's New Voices in Wales series, is available to watch on BBC iPlayer until March 28.