THE LEADER of Torfaen council says he has been in contact with the police over threats made to him recently.

Councillor Anthony Hunt revealed that police have been in touch with him after being asked about a rise in online abuse at a full council meeting on Tuesday.

The meeting also heard that unfounded accusations of racism have also been directed at another Torfaen councillor

Cllr Jason O'Connell said the accusations aimed at an Independent member of the council had led to windows being smashed.

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Cllr Jason O'Connell

"This particular accusation of unfounded racism led to windows being smashed so it does have real world consequences," Cllr O'Connell said.

The Conservative councillor asked if Cllr Hunt would speak to Gwent Police to make sure councillors are protected when accusations are made.

Cllr Hunt said: "I am happy to speak to Gwent Police.

"Unfortunately they have had to contact me recently about threats that I have had to myself and I am more than happy to make sure all members feel protected in our job that we have a right to do."

Cllr Hunt said he condemned any harassment or intimidation of local councillors.

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Torfaen's council leader also expressed disappointment that a post - since removed- on Torfaen Conservatives Facebook page appeared to 'commend' harassment experienced by MP Nick Thomas-Symonds.

Torfaen Conservatives have since apologised for the post.

Cllr Hunt said: "I do not believe any councillor or MP, Labour or Tory, should be subjected to that kind of treatment.

"I have to say I am disappointed because it is not the type of behaviour I expect from Conservative members of this council who have always previously been decent and respectful even when we have had policy disagreements in the past."

A post on Torfaen Conservatives Facebook page says: "We posted a video from a local resident asking questions of our MP that some people found to be inappropriate and unfair.

"While we maintain that dialogue with elected officials across the political sphere is crucial in a functioning democracy, we would like to apologise to anyone that took offence or upset and have removed the post."