THIS charming photograph of The Fairtrade Hall, Wesley Street, Cwmbran shows how life has changed in the last one hundred years.

The young workers shown here were all employed at the stores.

They are named on the reverse of this photograph from the 1930s in the museum’s archives as: (L-R) Elwyn Williams, Trevor Williams, Ray Roberts and Alf Burrows.

It is now hard to imagine delivery boys like Ray setting out on his bicycle with large basket on the front in these days of self service, supermarkets and internet shopping!

Some of the brand names and brands are still available today – such as Frys, Cadburys, Birds custard and Carnation milk.

This year, the new town of Cwmbran celebrates 70 years since its inception, and although The Fairtrade Hall is long gone, Wesley Street is still there (albeit widened and altered).

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