CHILDREN are being challenged by a national charity to grow the largest sunflower face.

Youngsters are invited to participate in the growing competition organised by children’s charity bibic, which helps young people with conditions affecting their social, communication and learning abilities.

Geoff Cummins, chief executive for bibic, said: “As part of our Smile campaign, which aims to raise awareness of our Sponsor a UK Child initiative, we are running a competition for children aged up to 16 years old to grow one of the smiliest plants around, the sunflower.

“The aim of the competition is to grow the sunflower with the fattest face and the seeds youngsters will use have been bred especially to have large flower heads.

“We hope lots of youngsters will get involved in the competition. It is a fun way for them to learn more about gardening and help bibic at the same time.”

The competition is also a fundraiser for bibic through a £1 donation, made when people order their seeds. Entries must be submitted via email before midnight on September 30, to with the entry form and a photo of the sunflower attached.

There will be regional winners and a national winner. The regional winners will receive a £10 Potter and Rest voucher and a certificate.The national winner will receive a certificate and a £50 voucher for themselves and one for their school.

For more information, contact bibic on 01458 253344 or visit