TWO swans which were moved last year to Cwmbran Boating Lake have found their way back to Llantarnam Ponds.

Yesterday, the two swans were spotted holding up the traffic at the roundabout near the pond by Newport Hutchings and Thomas surveyor David Jones.

He said: “I had never seen them on the road before and I decided to be patient and stop – other drivers may not have been happy to have waited.”

Last year the male swan took to crossing a road to look at its own reflection in a bus stop.

He was spotted by office workers crossing Llantarnam Park Way to inspect the bus stop while the pen and nine cygnets waited on a bank.

When the swan got up close to the glass, he had been seen to hiss, peck and flap his wings.

Swan Rescue in Newport took the decision to move the swans to Cwmbran Boating Lake, fearing the family might get hit by traffic.

But the pair have found their way back to the pond.

A Swan Rescue spokeswoman explained that the pair see the pond as their territory.

She said: “We get constant calls about them wandering in the road, but often by the time we get there they have gone.”

She urges anyone who sees a swan in danger to contact them on 01633 895241 or 07802 472788.

She explained swans can be persuaded to safety by slowly walking towards them, but if in doubt ring Swan Rescue who can offer advice.