THE prosecution in the trial of three people accused of the manslaughter of a Pontnewynydd man has been summing up the case to the jury.

Prosecutor Tim Evans told Newport Crown Court John Reeder, 63, who died from severe head injuries after he fell from his bike, was trying to get away from the defendants.

The incident happened on the A4043 in Pontnewynydd in the early hours of August 7.

Mr Evans told the court the cyclist was “understandably, inevitably going in the opposite direction” to get away from a possible confrontation with Kieran Allcock, Andrew Vass and Deon Morgan.

Allcock, 18, of no fixed address, Vass, 26, of Upland Drive, Trevethin, and Morgan, 20, of no fixed address, each deny a charge of the manslaughter of Mr Reeder.

All three are accused of working as part of a “joint enterprise” which says they acted together in the crime.

A fourth defendant, Casey Coslett, has already admitted manslaughter.

Mr Reeder’s post-mortem examination found the cause of death was blunt trauma to the head consistent with falling from a bike.

Allcock first met Coslett, Vass and Morgan at about 3am on August 7 and snorted M-Cat, after he had seen them outside.

Mr Evans questioned Allcock’s defence that he only stepped off a pavement and did not purposely get in Mr Reeder’s way.

Mr Evans said: “This is a main road. What on earth is he putting a foot into the middle of the road for? To step off the pavement at all is a bizarre thing to do.”

Allcock told the court earlier this week the group knew the victim as Gypsy John.

But he had denied causing him to fall from his bike and said he had not encouraged Coslett.

The court previously heard he had told police although Mr Reeder tried swerving away from Coslett, Coslett managed to jump in front of the bike and “shoulder barged” Mr Reeder, causing him to “go flying down the road”.

Allcock said he approached Mr Reeder only when he was on the floor, to check on him, but when he saw blood he panicked and left the scene.

The court previously heard when Mr Reeder was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital after the incident, a CT scan showed substantial bleeding and multiple fractures to his skull, causing severe brain damage. Proceeding.