FORMER Newport County AFC players Nathan Blake and Jason Perry insist there is no need for their old club to overstretch themselves in the January transfer window.

Exiles boss Michael Flynn is hoping to add up to four new players this month to boost his side’s League Two play-off bid.

Flynn has always said that he would never put his hometown club in any financial danger but Blake has urged his friend to be cautious.

“I don’t think there’s a great need for signings,” said the BBC Radio Wales pundit, who started and ended his career at County.

“I think if you can get a couple out then fair enough but what you need to realise about Newport is they struggle financially.

“It’s OK saying we want to have a push and we want to extend the budget but the club comes first – ensuring it’s safety and staying in League Two.

“If it means you build within League Two for a year or two, or even three or four, then so be it.

“They’re coming off the back of the experience of being out of the Football League for 25 years and they lost so many fans during that time.

“They just need to tread carefully, for me,” he added.

“Don’t overextend yourself because it’s the financial side of the game that then leads to other problems.

“You don’t want to be fighting relegation. They’ve had a good season up to now.

“If you can afford to push then by all means do so but if you can’t and it’s going to put you in the mire then I would say just stick with what you’ve got.

“Keep trudging along and if next year you can extend your budget and sponsorship then great, but it’s got to be done with a plan.”

Blake praised the job that Flynn has done since replacing Graham Westley last year but he feels the club needs to progress steadily.

“If they don’t get promoted this year then not to worry,” said the 45-year-old former Wales international.

“If they finish eighth or tenth it’s a great season.

“Then if next year they finish sixth or seventh it’s a great season. Build bit by bit.”

Fellow BBC Wales pundit Perry, who played for the Exiles between 2001 and 2003, believes that Flynn already has a squad that is capable of finishing in the top seven without any additions this month.

“I’d echo Nathan’s words,” he said. “You’ve got to make sure you look after the finances – they’ve been down that road.

“This team and this squad is good enough to go into the play-offs.

“You don’t have to bring players in for the sake of bringing players in.

“The work was done in the summer – to keep Mark O’Brien, Mickey Demetriou and Joe Day costs a lot of money because, believe me, there will be other clubs looking at them.

“I think he has the squad already there to go into the play-offs.

“You have to utilise that squad and get the best out of that squad and from what I’ve seen of that division, maybe not automatic, but certainly their target should be play-offs.”