AN ELEPHANT has been successfully introduced to his new housemates.

Shaka, a 26-year-old African bull elephant, has been introduced to two other elephants, 13-year-old Janu and 9-year old M’Changa.

Shaka has been at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, in Bristol, for three months and has settled well into his 20-acre enclosure.

Initially, Shaka was kept separate to the other bulls, but they were able to get used to each other’s presence visually and by smell.

Expert in elephant management, from Elephant Business Inc., Alan Roocroft aided the introduction, with the elephants spending 10 minutes together in the enclosure for the first three days.

This time lengthened, with careful supervision, and the three are now happily integrated within the same enclosure during the day, but still separated at night.

“I am thrilled at the success of the introduction,” said Mr Roocroft.

“The team at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm have done a fabulous job at acclimatizing the Elephants to one another. I wish the boys a long and happy future together.”

This is the first time Shaka has been successfully been integrated with a group of elephants.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is open between 10.30am and 5pm, every day except Sunday.