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Hayley Suzanne Harris

HARRIS Hayley Suzanne The precious memories that we have will always make us cry, the love for you…
Published on 29/11/2023
In Memoriam

Anthony James Bracher

BRACHER Anthony James A year has passed and you are sadly missed. Always in our hearts. Love from…
Published on 27/09/2023
In Memoriam

Hayley Suzanne HARRIS

HARRIS Hayley Suzanne Birthday wishes are sent to you, Not on a card like we used to do, It's…
Published on 21/06/2023
In Memoriam

Hayley Harris

HARRIS Hayley Suzanne Silent thoughts tears unseen, wishing your absence was only a dream. Love…
Published on 30/11/2022
In Memoriam

Carol RICE

RICE Carol Carol on what should have been your 70th birthday on 2 July. Missed ever since, with…
Published on 29/06/2022
In Memoriam

Hayley Harris

HARRIS Hayley Suzanne There is a path to heaven, from birth to heaven above. It leads right up to…
Published on 22/06/2022
In Memoriam

Nigel Anthony Hodgson

Hodgson Nigel Anthony Died 15th May 1992 aged 17 years 30 long and painful years have passed since…
Published on 11/05/2022
In Memoriam

Debbie Bradbury

BRADBURY Debbie (Nee Reynolds) Happy Birthday for 1st May. We remember your beautiful smile and…
Published on 04/05/2022
In Memoriam

Rowley and Elsie Jones

JONES Rowley and Elsie In loving memory of my mam and dad, also birthday memories for my mam.…
Published on 23/02/2022
In Memoriam

Hayley Harris

HARRIS Hayley Suzanne We think about you often, we make no outward show. What it meant to lose…
Published on 01/12/2021
In Memoriam

Rowley Jones

JONES Rowley Birthday memories of a much loved dad and grandad, also my brother Keith, who we will…
Published on 10/11/2021
In Memoriam

Doris O'Farrell

O'FARRELL Doris On 14th July 2021. Doris Maud of Llanfrechfa, Cwmbran sadly passed away at St…
Published on 27/10/2021